Art by Mark Krause

Caption Contest: Costuming Edition (December 2014)

Caption this image and win the three plays in Quiara Alegría Hudes’ “Elliot Trilogy.” PLUS, last month’s winner and finalists.

Every month, American Theatre wants YOUR input. We post up a new cartoon and you, readers, are invited to write a caption to it. This month’s cartoon is the dressing room (or costume shop) you see above.

The winner of this month’s caption contest will receive three books. That’s right, three! We will send the winner all three plays in Quiara Alegría Hudes’ “Elliot Trilogy,” which includes Elliot, a Soldier’s FugueWater By the Spoonful and The Happiest Song Plays Last. Caption finalists will get a shout-out online.

Winner and finalists will be notified by e-mail. To enter into the contest,  leave your captions in the comments below.*

The contest will close on Friday, December 19 at 5 pm EST.

*Please note, you can use a number of social media accounts to log in and comment. But please remember that whichever social media account you decide to use to comment should have a working e-mail address attached to it. We don’t want you to miss out on your free book!

Last month’s winner and finalists:

Art by Mark Krause
Art by Mark Krause

“This show is going to run and run” —falconer99


“It’ll be darker when it dries.” —Gabe Vanover

“Many plays have been compared to Watching Paint Dry, but none of them come close to the real thing.” —NK18

  • Lily Urquhart

    If you think the Rockettes will hire you in that, just wait until you wear this.

  • Emily Ambash

    “Let the show go on!” he said with a sigh. The cold never bothered him, anyway.

  • Roger Bean

    You may have noticed the shop had to downsize a bit…

  • Kristen Henning

    “Hmm. I see that you’ve put on some weight since your measurements.”

  • Glenda Manwaring

    All you need is full body spanx and a wonderbra.

  • “A little nip here. A little tuck there…”

  • caryn desai

    Do you need shoes to match?

  • Eric Pfeffinger

    “Y’know, Craig, it’s not the size of the role that matters.”

  • Peter J

    “Look, you can play Anna or Elsa. All the other shows closed.”

  • Peter J

    “Relax, I’ll teach you how to tuck.”

  • Mandy Rojas

    “You can just let this out a bit, right?”

  • Blake Sims

    “Costume fitting” my ass.

  • Guest

    You call THIS a “costume fitting”?

  • goxboxsocks

    “Budget cuts…”

  • Jeanette

    “It only shrunk a little bit”

  • Marina Pareja

    “Hum…Let’s try the purple, it has more stretch!”

  • Beth Smolin

    “You really need to update your measurement sheet!”

  • Paul Gordon

    Are you sure Mary Sunshine’s costume is supposed to be this … uh … ?

  • Shaun Hall

    They told me the lead was playing against type but this is ridiculous.

  • falconer99

    Are you absolutely certain they didn’t have purple fig-leaves in the Garden of Eden?

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