• Sounds like a quibble, but as a teacher, I think it’s crucial to avoid the word “erase”–you put it in your headline, but Morrison never uses the word–she talks about “rewriting” and “revising” and “doing over.” When we give kids erasers and try to get them to remove the things they want to change we are reinforcing the idea that there’s something wrong with a “mistake.” A mis-take is an invitation to a do-over, not a call to pretend that the part you want to change never happened…

  • Nathan Merrill

    Good stuff, here. More writers should pay attention to this.

  • She always inspires me to tears. <3

  • Elizabeth Towns

    There is so much in this article that is like gold to me I have to print it and read it over and over again. Ms. Morrison’s work has been pivotal to me as a reader and as a burgeoning writer. Now these morsels resonate with me that much more. Great article.

  • Steven DeSalvo

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