• William Lewis Salyers

    People like Ann Colby Stocking are traitors to their theater arts community. She and her ilk collaborated with the out-of-control bureaucracy at AEA to actively damage the unique theatrical landscape of Los Angeles. They destroyed a flourishing environment for the development of new plays and selfishly eliminated opportunities for fellow actors. Her name is among those I keep on a personal list of people I will never knowingly work with.

  • Corey Klemow

    “Emotionally I couldn’t watch everyone around me getting paid and me not being paid. I don’t know what producers thought we were doing all these years—not paying attention? We knew how much the designers were getting paid, how much directors were getting paid.”

    These are the sort of claims Equity used to justify this entire imbroglio, but I can’t imagine it’s true at more than the tiniest handful of theaters; my experience in 99-seat is that at most theaters, EVERYBODY is a volunteer, from the designers to the artistic directors to the staff, and they’re operating on a shoestring, barely making rent. At this point, it’s both heartbreaking and tiring to see this sort of claim continue to be repeated in public with no evidence or context given. Any theaters that DO have the budgets to pay living wages to some should be paying actors, yes, and I and other Pro99 folks have said that from day one. But only those theaters should have been focused on instead of taking a sledgehammer to the entire scene by blaming everybody for the alleged sins of a tiny few.