• David Cote

    Posting here what i wrote on FB:

    Doing my best with martinis and steak frite to clear some room!

    In a more serious vein, I’d love to see what TCG might do to help career theater critics—regardless of age or background—who find themselves unable to sustain a career or diversify their portfolio in the current horrible climate.

    There are fewer jobs than ever, fewer outlets than ever. Is there a way that TCG can partner with foundations, educational institutions and possibly even theaters to create online platforms for sustainable general-interest criticism?

    I’m not even talking about full-time jobs. I’m talking about regular freelance work for professional theater critics (people with 5+ years experience, approved by a board), who in turn can help mentor and train up-and-coming critics. A thought.

    • JLMandell

      Thank you, David.
      And thank you, Rob, for writing the first essay I’ve seen (and I’ve seen plenty) that pairs these two issues together, the lack of inclusion and the disintegration of the field.