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Comments Policy

American Theatre aims to provide a platform for theatre artists and theatre lovers alike to discuss and debate the art form. On our website and our social media channels, we welcome passionate debate and we don’t reflexively censor profanity. But we do not condone bullying or mean-spirited behavior. We will delete comments that cross the line into personal insults and/or verbal harassment, especially if they’re laced with profanity.

What constitutes a personal insult:

  • Jokes or derogatory comments about the aesthetic appearance of the writer of the article, folks mentioned or pictured in the article, or fellow commenters.
  • Hate speech, which includes, but is not limited to, denigratory name-calling, profane or otherwise, especially in reference to groups of people.

Anyone who repeatedly violates these rules will be banned from commenting. Keep the drama onstage, please! Don’t bring it into American Theatre‘s comments section.

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