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Table of Contents for May/June 2015


Fire Down Below
For Cuba, a long-awaited era of artistic openness has arrived. What role will American theatre play?
By Sage Lewis

The View from Santiago
Life, fiction and the history of the Americas dominate a teeming theatrical celebration in the Chilean capital
By Yolanda Cesta Cursach and Henry Godinez
PLUS: Olga Garay-English interviews Santiago a Mil founder Carmen Romero.

Living to Sow Seeds
Stateside companies form collaborations with theatres based in Mexico—and create a fertile dynamic for art and change; includes a list of companies
By Georgina H. Escobar


Editor’s Note


From the Executive Director
Getting Beyond Your Borders

TCG on the Web

News in Brief
The Kilroys Were Here (at the Lillys’ Behest)
Parody Parts “Company”: Adjmi’s 3C Wins in Court
Steppenwolf’s TYA Show This Is Modern Art Tagged With Controversy

Entrances and Exits

Awards and Prizes

Front and Center
After all the terrible things i did at Huntington Theatre Company
Be More Chill at Two River Theatre
Border Crossing at Museum of Man
Jarry Inside Out at Spooky Action Theatre
The Afterlife Trilogy at Polarity Ensemble
Heart Shaped Nebula at Shotgun Players

This Month in Theatre History (May/June)

Production Notebook
Washeteria by Soho Rep

24th Street Theatre’s Debbie Devine, by Steven Leigh Morris

Bill O’Driscoll goes on Molly Rice’s Saints Tour

PJ Paparelli investigates a Chicago housing crisis

Linda Buchwald gets inside Guards at the Taj

Playing with your food in Seattle

Lyric Stage reinvents Lady in the Dark, by Alexandra Bonifield

Rob Weinert-Kendt reviews two books on Leonard Bernstein

Eliza Bent on Blue Barn Theatre’s functional new space

20 Questions
for Silas Weir Mitchell

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