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American Theatre Photo Specifications

Permission: If American Theatre must obtain the photographer’s permission or pay a fee for print, digital, and/or online usage, please indicate this information and include the photographer’s contact details.

Size: All images should be color JPEGs, high resolution, 300 dpi. Horizontal/landscape photos should be at least 8 inches wide (2400 pixels); vertical headshots/portraits should be at least 6 inches wide (1800 pixels). We prefer original, non-retouched, non-cropped files. Images for main feature stories will require original high-resolution size.

Method: When possible, please send photos individually. The TCG email system often rejects zipped files without notifying the sender. If it’s necessary to send zipped or very large files, please use Dropbox, Hightail, or a similar service. If using one of these file-sharing sites, please make sure that anyone with the link can access the files.

Credit: Please specify how each photo should be credited (photographer’s name, or “courtesy of XX”).

Caption: Please include name and dates of production, names of all actors pictured from left to right, name(s) of co-producer(s) if applicable, and names of the entire creative team.

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