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American Theatre Issue Theme Calendar

At American Theatre, we previously published a few regular special issues: our annual season preview in October, our international issue each May/June, our theatre training issue in January. For a time in the late 2010s, we gave every issue a theme—not as a promise to definitively cover the last word on every topic, but as a way to focus our attention and go deep on a particular area, trend, or theme that strikes as worthy of more exploration. Some examples included a special issue on Latinx theatre in the U.S., one on compensation, another on the uses of magic, illusion, and technology in design.

After a pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have returned as a quarterly print publication, and each of the four issues we publish has a theme or emphasis. If you’d like to advertise, please reach Carol Van Keuren at; if you’d like to pitch a story along these lines, you can reach out to or contact an editor (emails here). Note: These themes are subject to change; check back regularly for updates.

FALL 2023: Season Preview

WINTER 2024: Approaches to Theatre Training

SPRING 2024: Summer Preview


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