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American Theatre Issue Theme Calendar

At American Theatre, we’ve long published a few regular special issues: our annual season preview in October, our international issue each May/June, our theatre training issue in January. But in recent years we’ve tried to give every issue a theme—not as a promise to definitively cover the last word on every topic, but as a way to focus our attention and go deep on a particular area, trend, or theme that strikes as worthy of more exploration. Some recent examples include a special issue on Latinx theatre in the U.S., one on compensation, another on the uses of magic, illusion, and technology in design.

Here are some upcoming issues we’re planning. If you’d like to advertise, please reach Carol Van Keuren at; if you’d like to pitch a story along these lines, you can reach out to or contact an editor (emails here). Note: These themes are subject to change; check back regularly for updates.

MARCH 2019: The state of Black theatre

APRIL 2019: Broadway and beyond

MAY/JUNE 2019: Theatre in Japan

JULY/AUGUST 2019: Sound design

SEPTEMBER 2019: How artists make a life, if not a living, in the theatre

OCTOBER 2019: Our annual Season Preview will focus on the nation’s smallest theatres, from rural collectives to urban storefronts

NOVEMBER 2019: Chicago

DECEMBER 2019: Role Call: People to Watch

JANUARY 2020: Special Issue on Theatre Training

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