Art by Mark Krause

Caption Contest: Gender Parity Edition (January 2015)

Caption this image and win Richard Nelson’s “Apple Family Plays” anthology! PLUS, last month’s winner and finalists.

Every month, American Theatre wants YOUR input. We post up a new cartoon and you, readers, are invited to write a caption to it. This month’s cartoon is the gender-related cartoon above.

We will send the winner the anthology of Richard Nelson’s Apple Family Plays: Scenes from Life in the Country, which includes four plays: That Hopey Changey ThingSweet and Sad, Sorry and Regular Singing.

Winner and finalists will be notified by e-mail. To enter into the contest,  leave your captions in the comments below.*

The contest will close on Friday, January 30 at 5 pm EST.

*Please note, you can use a number of social media accounts to log in and comment. But please remember that whichever social media account you decide to use to comment should have a working e-mail address attached to it. We don’t want you to miss out on your free book!

*Please note, if you won the contest once, you cannot win it again.

Last month’s winner and finalists:

Art by Mark Krause
Art by Mark Krause

“You may have noticed the shop had to downsize a bit.” —Roger Bean


“Budget cuts…” —goxboxsocks

“Y’know, Craig, it’s not the size of the role that matters.” —Eric Pfeffinger

  • B. Powers

    Critiqued by women, baby.

  • Tyler Prendergast

    “I bet a man even wrote this caption.”

  • Elisa Carlson

    “Yikes. Let’s go see a movie instead. Oh. Wait. … Never mind.”

  • Peter J

    “I hear Russell Crowe is excellent as Medea.”

  • Talya Klein

    …and restrooms designed by a man.

  • Philip Vonada

    “Well, it sure is nice that they let the Oscars judges hire the staff for this show.”

  • David Edwards

    “Is it just me, or are we all transvestites?”

  • Genevra MacPhail

    Made possible by…

  • Sherri d. Sutton

    “Getting a ticket to SHATTERING THAT DAMN GLASS CEILING was almost impossible.”

  • Lissaface

    “Yeah, we all auditioned too.”

  • Verena

    Welcome ladies, what joy! Our (front) doors are wide open!
    (8pm – 10.30pm only. Thank you for your understanding.)

  • “Remember, we can only be mad if it doesn’t pass the Bechdel test.”

  • Sammy Ann

    “I think the lighting designer’s assistant’s barista is a woman… so, that’s something?”

  • Emily Ambash

    “Looks like this place is really reaching its target audience.”