Art by Mark Krause

Caption Contest: The Aliens Edition (February 2015)

Caption this image and win “Stage Kiss” by Sarah Ruhl! PLUS, last month’s winner and finalists.

Every month, American Theatre wants YOUR input. We post up a new cartoon and you, readers, are invited to write a caption to it. This month’s cartoon are the out-of-this-world specimans above.

This month’s winner will receive a copy of Stage Kiss by Sarah Ruhl.

Winner and finalists will be notified by e-mail. To enter into the contest,  leave your captions in the comments below.*

The contest will close on Friday, February 27 at 5 pm EST.

*Please note, you can use a number of social media accounts to log in and comment. But please remember that whichever social media account you decide to use to comment should have a working e-mail address attached to it. We don’t want you to miss out on your free book!

*Please note, if you won the contest once, you cannot win it again.

Last month’s winner and finalists:

Art by Mark Krouse
Art by Mark Krouse

“Remember, we can only be mad if it doesn’t pass the Bechdel test.” —Alexis Scheer


“Yikes! Let’s go see a movie instead. Oh wait… never mind.” —Elisa Carlson

“Looks like this place is really reaching its target audience.” —Emily Ambash

  • B. Powers

    Let’s split. The curtain call will take ages.

  • B. Powers

    I prefer Kander and Ebb’s “And the World Goes ‘Round…”

  • Klarissa Marie

    It would seem we took a wrong turn at Orion’s Belt.

  • Allison Schneider

    “She had the greenest skin I’d ever seen. It was a dangerous green. It told you to stop and it told you to go at the same time.”

  • Sarah

    When they said the whole world would be here on Opening Night I didn’t think they were being so literal.

  • Peter J

    “Whaddya mean ‘why are our scarves blowing in space’? Dude, you gotta suspend your disbelief.”

  • Emily Ambash

    Coming soon to the History Theatre: “Ancient ‘Pygmalion.'”