"Zoo Zoo" by Imago Theatre.

Imago Theatre Announces Imaginative Season

The fantastical season includes animals, poetry, and chaos.

PORTLAND, ORE.: Imago Theatre has announced its 2015—16 season, including three original works.

The season begins with the return of Carol Triffle and Jerry Mouawad’s Zoo Zoo (Dec. 11—Jan. 3, 2016), an imaginative story of arrogant anteaters, introverted frogs, paradoxical polar bears, hippos with insomnia, acrobatic worms, and more.

Next will be Baudelaire (March 10—27, 2016), about a group of inmates who feel compelled to perform the poems of Charles Baudelaire. The production will appear as part of Third Rail Repertory Theatre’s Wild Card series. Mouawad will choreograph and direct.

Following will be Triffle’s Cloud (May 19—June 19, 2016), about the chaos in a young woman’s world. Triffle will direct.