• Renee Matthews Jackson

    Thank you for this article Christopher. I attended an alumni meeting this past Tuesday, and Tony Sias is headed in the right direction. He also mentioned that in this “pause”, a time for healing would occur. He wants to see familiar faces again. Faces from all over Cleveland, and the nation. Those he saw in 1992 when he first stepped foot into Karamu.

    If indeed we want this historical arts, culture, and education institute to survive for the next 100 years, and at least another three to four more generations… we have to reinvest in that want. My dream is to hear Karamu as a household name once more. It was always “a place of joyful gathering” for me, as its title depicts. I say kudos to the board for selecting Tony. He has his work carved out for him.

    I would also like to extend my prayers for the best in his endeavors toward Terrence Spivey, and for his continued success. Blessings to him and his family. I was glad to have worked under his direction in the play, “bee-luther-hatchee” in 2007. Those “faces” Tony referred to were the ones who welcomed Terrence into the city in 2003.

    Karamu will be well if WE make it that way. Tony Sias is one man. Let’s not leave it all on him. Again, a very well written and motivating article Chris.