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The Wisdom of the Elders

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January & February 2020

In this issue, we’ll look at how a new generation of playwrights is being taught to write for all mediums, by writers who are doing the same. We’ll also look at other ways the nation’s preeminent playwrighting programs are changing and diversifying to tell the stories of our time.

March 2020
Climate Change and Theatre

We’ll look at this as both the theme of new work, and as an urgent social-practice issue for theatres and theatre workers.

April 2020

Focus on this closely related community; a place where so many new plays are bred and developed, some of them on their way to Broadway, almost all of them out to the rest of the U.S. – even without the stamp of Broadway. We’ll explore how Off-Broadway theatres have (and have not) diversified their programming over the last decade, and the distance still to go on that front.

May & June 2020
Phoenix, AZ

A profile on the TCG 2020 National Conference host city.

Click here for a complete list of issue themes and special sections.


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