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Special Section: Listening to Sound Design

Our annual design issue will turn up the volume on one of the most under-sung—and commonly misunderstood—branches of the design department. What exactly do sound designers do (and not do)? How do they learn to do it? And how are new innovations in technology changing the way they work? We plan to sound the depths of this topic.

Sound design isn’t one-size-fits-all, and distinctions within the discipline are crucial

A roundup of designs that pushed the sonic and/or theatrical envelope

Making a show sound great in a theatre space is as much an art as a science, and there’s no substitute for being there

CURRENTS Why theatre sound systems are battling for “white space”
CURRENTS The struggle to diversify theatrical designers
STRATEGIES Talkbacks that go beyond the theatre
ENTRANCES & EXITS Featuring Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Nataki Garrett
OFFSTAGE Interview with Jeanine Tesori

Coming Up –

September 2019
Special Section: How artists make a life, if not a living, in the theatre

Theatre work will never be automated, thankfully. But while the human component of stage work may give theatre its essential life and immediacy, its downsides include physical injuries, outsized living expenses, dashed aspirations, and more.

This issue will explore some of what it takes to make a sustainable life, and even something like a living, in the American theatre in 2019.

Profile of playwright Octavio Solis
Profile of director/creator Joanne Akalaitis
A review of a vast new biography of Ibsen

October 2019
ANNUAL SEASON PREVIEW ISSUE: Spotlight on the nation’s
smallest theatres, from rural collectives to urban storefronts

November 2019
Chicago Theatre Scene

Click here for a complete list of issue themes and special sections.


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