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Update as of June 1, 2020: After 52 episodes with American Theatre (plus 1 bonus episode), Token Theatre Friends have cast out on their own. You can follow them at their new site here.

What is a token theatre friend? It can mean being the token person of color in a play who serves no other purpose than to support the (white) main character (see also: sassy best friend, magical Negro). And it can refer to the experience of being the only person of color in a white theatregoing audience.

It can also mean being the one friend in your social group who loves theatre—the one they turn to for advice on what shows to see or for leads on tickets.

Diep Tran and Jose Solís‏ are that friend in their personal life. And they want to be that friend for you. Twice a month, they will interview artists that they’re excited about (on their YouTube channel) and review shows (on their podcast).

So want to get a dose of theatre as you’re at the gym or on break during tech? Take your Token Theatre Friends with you. They’ll be your eyes and ears in the theatre.

You can subscribe to Token Theatre Friends as a podcast via RSS feed iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or TuneIn. Or subscribe to the videos on YouTube or like American Theatre on Facebook.

Do you have a comment, suggestions for segments, or a show to plug? Contact the Token Theatre Friends via email or Twitter.

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