Art by Mark Krause

Caption Contest: Summertime Edition

Caption this image and win a copy of ‘The Realistic Joneses’ by Will Eno!

Every month, American Theatre wants YOUR input. We post up a new cartoon and you, readers, are invited to write a caption to it. This month’s cartoon is above.

The winner will receive a copy of The Realistic Joneses by Will Eno, published by TCG Books.

Winner and finalists will be notified by e-mail. To enter the contest,  leave your captions in the comments below.*

The contest will close on Friday, Sept 11 at 5 pm EST.

*Please note, you can use a number of social media accounts to log in and comment. But please remember that whichever social media account you decide to use should have a working e-mail address attached to it. We don’t want you to miss out on your free book!

*In a modification to an earlier rule about only being able to win the contest once ever (a bit harsh, perhaps), you cannot win two consecutive contests, but you can keep competing after that. 

Last month’s winner and finalists:

Art by Mark Krause
Art by Mark Krause

 “The 99-seat show might go to Broadway, let’s wait.”—Paul Tigue


 “Look, they’re doing the same play! ‘For Love or Money'” —Peter J

“Susan was at odds with their choice of theatre that evening, Harry just couldn’t even.” —Kyle Eric Bradford

  • John Riley

    Particularly uninteresting choices for the 99-Seat show caption contest finalists this month. Disappointing.

  • Trey Hobbs

    If I knew someone was living there I wouldn’t have knocked down, Todd!

  • Dale Stout

    Your roommate never gets off the throne.

  • Dale Stout

    He makes fantastic sandcastles.

  • Tj Mendez

    Serfs up!

  • Cody Miller

    “Um…isn’t he supposed to be two lizards???”

  • Cody Miller

    “I wonder what the ‘Queen’ is doing today?”

  • Bernard Bygott

    Yeah, well maybe he’s been “too much in the sun” BECAUSE he holds “the mirror up to nature”!

  • Kim H. Carrell

    Should we tell him that the line is actually “Once more unto the BREACH”?

  • I guess he’s warming up.
    If he’s not careful, he’ll be the one saying “Out, damned spot!”

  • Dale Stout

    Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

  • Kb mcanelly

    Royals can’t make real friends at tanning salons. Wanna offer him a beer?

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