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New tomes on administration, marketing, and other topics.

The Professional Performing Arts: Attendance Patterns, Preferences and Motives

Association of College, University and Community Arts Administrators, 6225 University Ave., Madison, WI 53705. 134 PP, $40 paper.

Based on a comprehensive study of arts consumers conducted by SRI International, a research firm whose Values and Lifestyles Program is currently used by marketers for analysis of consumer groups and their buying decisions, this book includes findings on patterns of attendance, preferences in performances, motives, responses, competing activities and mechanics of attendance for the major audience groups. Personal backgrounds, self views and attitudes of the audience groups are detailed.

Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

2nd Edition, by Philip Kotler, Prentice-Hall, Enslewood Cliffs, NJ, 1982. 528 Pp, $29.95 cloth.

Defining marketing as the effective management of exchange relationships, the author applies the conceptual system of business marketing to the special problems of nonprofit organizations. In this greatly expanded second edition, the basic concepts of market segmentation, positioning, marketing mix and channels are comprehensively explained for students and administrators in nonprofits and public agencies.

Marketing for Public and Nonprofit Managers

by Christopher H. Lovelock and Charles B. Weinberg, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY. 607 pp, $32.95 cloth.

Based on the notion that marketing is fundamentally concerned with the process by which people adopt, maintain or discard beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, this book focuses on how to employ marketing tools and concepts to improve management practice in the public and nonprofit sectors. Board members and trustees as well as managers may find it useful.

Pasteups & Mechanicals: A Step by Step Guide to Preparing Art for Reproduction

by Jerry Demoney and Susan E. Meyer. Watson-Guptill, New York, NY, 1982. 163 pp, $22.50 cloth.

This is a comprehensive guide to the studio skills needed to prepare artwork for repro-duction. Step-by-step instructions assume no prior studio experience.

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