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American Theatre Plans All-Twitter Edition

Features will include whimsical hashtags and magazine-style analysis, just shorter.

NEW YORK CITY: In a move calculated to capture the coveted millennial audience, known for both its avid theatregoing and its tweeting, often at the same time, American Theatre editors today announced the launch of a Twitter-only edition of the magazine. Each month, readers—that is, followers—of a dedicated Twitter feed, @AmericanTheatwitter, will receive a series of curated tweets designed to deliver the kind of incisive reporting and aesthetic analysis magazine readers have come to expect, only in boiled-down bursts and blasts.

“Very few plays have more than half a dozen characters, especially these days,” said Malvolio Perritt, the magazine’s interactive services concierge. “So why do we need more than 140 characters to write about them?”

The all-Twitter edition is not designed to replace the magazine, either in its print or online form. Indeed, editors plan to offer exclusive content to the Twitter edition, including #addawordtoashakespearesoliloquytomakeitsexy, as well as a branded series of random thoughts about the state of the art by roving theatre pundit Jasper Howard.

Snapchat, Foursquare and MySpace editions are also in the works, Perritt said.

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