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"Marvin's Room" by Scott McPherson at Circle Theatre in Chicago in 2012.

Shattered Globe Theatre Announces 2015–16 Season

The roster includes plays about family, friendship, and fate.

MINNEAPOLIS: Shattered Globe Theatre has announced its 2015–16 season, featuring three plays.

“All three plays in the season reveal people coming together while falling apart,” said producing artistic director Sandy Shinner in a statement.  “In Marvin’s Room and Animals Out of Paper, the characters struggle with the difficulties of intimacy, friendship and loneliness–one kind of segregation. The racially motivated police brutality of In the Heat of the Night explores these same themes at the level of race.”

The season kicks-off with Scott McPherson’s Marvin’s Room (Oct. 1–Nov. 14), about a woman who is diagnosed with leukemia and must receive a bone marrow transplant from her estranged sister. Shinner will direct.

Next will be Rajiv Joseph’s Animals Out of Paper (Jan. 14—Feb. 27, 2016), about a calculus teacher, a world famous origami artist, and a trouble teenager, who re-shape and mold each other’s lives in unexpected ways. Devon de Mayo will direct.

Following will be In the Heat of the Night (April 21—June 4, 2016), adapted by Matt Pelfrey from John Ball’s novel about an African American police officer asked to investigate a murder in a racially charged Alabama town in 1965. Louis Contey will direct.

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