• Jocelyn Rose

    Idk about the first commenter but this made me laugh when I’ve been pretty down lately. “‘Break a leg’ began as a plea for divine mercy, and remains so to this day.”—Hilarious! Thank you for the cheer!

  • Jess Hutchinson

    Nope. Nope nope nope. Not even a little bit, friends. This is labeled as “humor” – but it’s not funny. And in a time as deeply divided as the one we find ourselves in? The LAST thing – perhaps the absolute last – we need to do is perpetuate the stereotype of theatre people being special snowflake elitists who will make fun of you if you ask them a question about their work or what they do or say the “wrong” thing to them. It is OUR responsibility to reach out to non-practitioners and help them understand why our work is valuable. We are the ones who should be asking the questions, and we are the ones who should be open to answering anything our potential audiences might want to know about why we’ve chosen to dedicate our lives to this work. We all – all of us, including one of the leading publications for our industry – need to do better.

    • Julien Sat-Vollhardt

      I agree, but I suggest you calm down a little bit and take this (and yourself) a little less seriously. Not everybody needs to be an activist all the time, that’s just tiring. There should always be a place for light-heartedness.

    • LJTweed

      Welcome to theater. In a couple years you’ll find this hilarious.