• Emma, thank you! This is exciting. It’s also limited. I just read what you wrote for this year, too. I appreciate you looking at this from a national perspective. I encourage you to look into La Pastorela, performed in many communities all over the US. Thousands of are seeing these productions every winter and it’s an important part of Christmas for Latinx families! I encourage us all to think about what is not being represented here. Let’s share some more titles, some more cultural Christmas and other holiday theatrical traditions.

    • Emma Halpern

      Thanks so much for this, Roxanne! I’ve clearly overlooked some important holiday theater traditions both this year and last year, and am very glad to have them on my radar now. I’ll strive to do better next time, looking at more companies focused on Latinx work as well as other underrepresented communities. In the meantime, your comment makes me think that an article on bilingual TYA would be an important piece for the near future as well.