• Jean Waller

    Thank you for articulating so eloquently something that has always troubled me about the encroachment of marketing and commercialization on artistic decision making. Rather than a marketing (and fundraising, audience development, etc) being built on a solid artistic vision first, it seems like the meme theses days to look first at “marketability” and then decide what the artistic focus should be. The tail should be be wagging the dog. I think that is a path toward mediocrity at best and irrelevancy and failure at worst. Art as a way to market/sell advocacy risks failing to offer the deeper, often more challenging universal truths that come from moving beyond the identity politics of white hat/black hat. And istn’t it is those deeper, universal human truths that we should be advocating for?

  • David X Novak

    “[M]ost of us… are outliers”. A bit of a reach, no?