• Sandra Asher

    Sure, “established playwrights” who write for adult audiences are welcome to try their hands at writing for young audiences, but how about more support for “established playwrights” who have long worked in the field of TYA? It’s become a sad joke among us that winning the American Alliance for Theatre and Education’s Distinguished Play Award in anything but the adaptation categories is akin to the kiss of death. The winning original scripts are challenging non-famous-titles written with skill and passion. They are acknowledged with publication and engraved plaques. And then they are ignored and forgotten. Okay, so maybe they don’t guarantee butts-in-seats. But if your established TYA playwrights became as well-known as those “adult” playwrights you want to attract (for their star power, I assume, as well as for their skill and passion), the star power draw would follow. The skill and passion are already in place, along with a real and on-going dedication to young audiences. The playwrights cannot do that without YOUR support! Please begin with a look at the AATE Directory of Award-winning Plays for Young Audiences at http://www.aate.com/plays-for-young-audiences.

  • ren_man

    and more programs for students to DO theatre.

    and I’ll brag — this program, now year 10. Next up, Shrek, Jr.