• Thomas A. Porter

    I had a home in the 1970’s on Dolphin Island, know all about it my whole life. i sold the home in the later 1970’s and 2 months later the huge hurricane came and there was nothing left of the home. i told my friend to keep the $38 dollar year hurricane insurance but they never thought they would need it. Sad they could of had their place they bought from me replaced. live and learn. That Hurricane did terrible damage to all along the Gulf Shores and Mobile and went 200 miles inland of great damage. I have great memories of Dolphin Island and the whole region. Oh gee the Sheriff on Dolphin Island back then would never leave for any storm coming and he survived them all. We had a Switchboard operator on the island our phones all went through and when was in residence would give her a call and she would catch up the latest gossip and both ways. Then would leave to tell her would be leaving. She was a mainstay on the island. It was a great and peaceful time on the island in the 1970’s. Those days are long gone. As the whole region down there has never been the same since. I would really like to see the play and hope it was possible. Are there any prospects it would be done at the Lincoln Center in NYC for PBS to film and broadcast? That would surely be great for millions to get to see this great production. Thank You…..Agent/Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O. Med. Ret. A.P..V. Retired National Outreach Chairperson The National Paralyzed & Disabled Police Officers Assocation 1.2 million 03/30/2017