• MWnyc

    I’ve always liked Alisa Solomon’s work, and her observations here are good, but it seems that she’s criticizing The World Only Spins Forward for not doing something that it never claims to do. It’s an oral history by (mostly) people who were involved in staging Angels; of course it doesn’t give us analysis of the interpretive debates over the play. That’s not really an oral history’s job, and the people who have performed, directed, designed, and produced the play are precisely the people not to ask about interpretive debates, just as you wouldn’t ask them to review the play.

    I don’t agree that the book will necessarily “stand as the definitive account of the birth, life, and legacy of Angels.” (Emphasis added.) Sure, it’ll be the definitive oral history from participants, but there’s still room for a book (or several) about the play’s history and interpretation from the point of view of critics and the public.