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  • Bella Merlin

    As a newcomer to the Fringe, I had no idea about the controversy: I just bought a review, not even knowing it was a new initiative. I’m amused to see I’m quoted here as saying, ‘All mention is a good mention.” I didn’t actually say that, though the dramatic irony of now being mentioned in Paul’s article brings a smile to my face…

    • Jason Rohrer

      Wait – you mean Paul got his facts wrong, and put words in someone’s mouth?

  • Billy DaMota

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it.”

    ~ Upton Sinclair

  • Yale Cohn

    More people will read a tweet from Lena Dunham about how the booger she just pulled out of her nose looked like Spiro Agnew than will read all the theater criticism written in America in a year. And people are wringing their hands about a way to get more criticism in front of more eyeballs than there was yesterday? Well shit, I hope nobody ever cures cancer. These folks will be moaning about all the poor oncologists who just lost their jobs.

  • chrismarlowe

    The basic problem today is that very few critics (or reviewers) are paid anything to sit in judgment. Two tickets for opening night and a semi-feast at the end is just about all most of us get, and yet we pay for gas, parking, etc, plus time to get to and from the far-flung sites, and it isn’t enough for some of us. Topanga, Santa Monica, Malibu, La Mirada, Long Beach, Ventura, Pasadena — these are treks, so is it worth putting one’s reputation regarding objectivity on the line? Maybe. Depending. As I’ve often said to producers: “Please bribe me — it won’t do you any good, but I need the money.”

  • Jason Rohrer

    A factually inaccurate “news” item, full of personal commentary, that misattributes quotes to me among I don’t know how many others. I have reported the errors of fact to the reporter and to his editor, and await their correction.

    • Matt_Sweeney

      It says “opinion” right there next to “news” at the top of the page.

      • Jason Rohrer

        so far in this article the editor has graciously corrected 3 errors of “news” on which I had to do the reporting on behalf of his reporter, who could or did not; and so I think you can see the likely value of the “opinion.” facts are not opinions, nor vice versa.

        • Matt_Sweeney

          I think both the writer’s values and yours are breathtakingly clear.

          • Jason Rohrer

            As do I.

          • Jason Rohrer

            That this writer quotes his Stage Raw employer, Steven Leigh Morris, in an article characterizing my differences with Steven Leigh Morris as “vituperative,” I find the most ethically troubling issue in a piece rife with ethically troubling issues.

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