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  • Jane

    Glad to hear the topic raised, but I admit I’m a little frustrated. I’m a female vet, and nearly the ONLY time I see myself represented in the news or in art/entertainment, it’s as a victim of sexual assault. It is a real issue, but it is not our only story as female vets, and it is not only our story: at least 40% of the sexual assaults in the military have male victims. That number is probably higher, considering that men are even less likely to report, and less likely to be taken seriously if they do.
    13 years of active duty service, 1 so far in the Guard, and yes, I’ve seen sexual misconduct and have been mildly harassed. I know there are plenty of women who see worse. But there are other things we deal with, like being a single mom who deploys, or having a civilian husband who has to try to navigate a completely new area like “army wives” do, but with zero support from the base or the community.
    Thank you, sincerely, for this, but… It would be nice to see a sequel that doesn’t just show us in this one light.

    • Armygirl35

      I’m also an aspiring scriptwriter and a play I wrote about MST has male victims.

      • Jane

        Just now seeing this- very cool!

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