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  • Brooklynski

    It’s a klaynikayt, but the number of Yiddish speakers is not dwindling. The Hasidic birth rate ensures that. However, the number of Yiddish speakers who are interested in going to secular plays is dwindling, since for the most part, unfortunately, the ultra-orthodox do not take part in Yiddish culture that isn’t related to religion.

    • Darren

      And there lays the disconnect that I haven’t been able to articulate. I think it’s the secular or non Orthodox Jews who are going to have to keep Yiddish going, as ultra-Orthodox only do so in almost a one dimensional way. They have no interest in culture, and that is a bigger shande in my opinion.

      • Brooklynski

        You mean shod, not shande. But I agree with you 100%.

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