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  • e kadera

    For a detailed pattern in making these angels, click on Action Angel Wings 1999, and there is a link on that site for a 2 pages of instructions…

  • e kadera

    I would love a description of how to make these…

  • San Anto

    I would totally volunteer to wear Angel wings if i lived in Orlando. Love and peace to you all from Texas!

  • Jennifer Gorman

    This is so beautiful, I have tears in my eyes. This must be such a relief for the families.

  • Clinton Meza Anglin

    Excellent! It would be great if a wide rainbow could be added above the wearers’ heads. The symbol is appropriate and it would further block the protesting creeps behind.

  • Andrew Stone

    Where can I donate?

    • Jim Helsinger

      All funds for angel wings are already collected and the project is fully funded. Please donate to, a fund set up by the mayor of Orlando to assist victims and their families.

  • Abby

    What a bunch of horrible people … Give these people space to mourn their loved ones. Why would you picket something like this? Standing strong with Orlando – Bless you American Theatre for doing something so wonderful! As a Christian, I’m sad to say they’re one of us… and want you to know that WE love you!

    • girlonavespa

      They are not a real church. It’s a “congregation” made up of the members of one single family who use lines from the Bible to justify their desire to get attention for being hateful to a wide-ranging diverse group of people, from people from the LGTBQ+ community to US soldiers and on and on.

      • takemeouttotheballgame

        WBBC is the FIRST group the IRS should investigate and summarily remove their tax exempt status. They are anything BUT a church.

  • Brianna Schuman

    This is the theatre community I know and love. <3

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