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11 thoughts on “Orlando’s Theatre Community Pitches In to Protect Pulse Funerals”

  1. For a detailed pattern in making these angels, click on Action Angel Wings 1999, and there is a link on that site for a 2 pages of instructions…

  2. I would totally volunteer to wear Angel wings if i lived in Orlando. Love and peace to you all from Texas!

  3. This is so beautiful, I have tears in my eyes. This must be such a relief for the families.

  4. Excellent! It would be great if a wide rainbow could be added above the wearers’ heads. The symbol is appropriate and it would further block the protesting creeps behind.

    1. All funds for angel wings are already collected and the project is fully funded. Please donate to, a fund set up by the mayor of Orlando to assist victims and their families.

  5. What a bunch of horrible people … Give these people space to mourn their loved ones. Why would you picket something like this? Standing strong with Orlando – Bless you American Theatre for doing something so wonderful! As a Christian, I’m sad to say they’re one of us… and want you to know that WE love you!

    1. They are not a real church. It’s a “congregation” made up of the members of one single family who use lines from the Bible to justify their desire to get attention for being hateful to a wide-ranging diverse group of people, from people from the LGTBQ+ community to US soldiers and on and on.

      1. WBBC is the FIRST group the IRS should investigate and summarily remove their tax exempt status. They are anything BUT a church.

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