• Kristina Metz

    I think that it is very interesting how two different artists
    heard the same poem and made plays from it. It shows how art speaks to people
    and how everyone interprets it differently. Even though it was a poem from 1928
    it still stays relevant to the time. There are still parts people can relate
    to. Each work starts in the same place with the first two lines of the poem but
    after that they go their separate ways. I think this is because this is the simplest
    way to introduce who Queenie, the main character, is. It is impressive that both shows were ready to
    open around the same time. The fact that two prominent theaters, the Public
    Theater and the Manhattan Theater Club, produced this play gives a testament that
    they thought the audience would like this work. People saw both works which I
    would have done also just to see the different creative views on the same core piece.
    I think it is good to always have different views on pieces of art and I find it
    intriguing that this poem sparked creative juices in two different people at
    the same time.