• Kristina Metz

    This is a great type of theater to be producing and I had no
    idea this type of theater was out there. I personally have enjoyed Sci-Fi all
    my life because it is one of the things my father and I have bonded over. It is
    always hard to have art cross mediums but I think that when it does it morphs
    into something of its own that is just as beautiful. It is understandable that
    the audience is a mixed crowd. I believe
    that Sci-Fi can speak to many different types of people. That is one thing I
    love about theater is the ability to effect people. With having Sci-Fi plays
    the material is limitless therefore these plays give hope to a future we can
    one day reach.

    I am very excited that more female playwright’s are getting
    their work produced in this style. The “lens” in film is almost always the male
    perspective; it is high time that females break onto the scene because life is
    not just seen through a male’s eye. What better way to do it then with plays of
    the future.

  • Cody Soper

    First, stumbling upon this made my night; I had no idea this kind of theatre was being produced and I really hope I get the chance to see a production in the future. (No pun intended.) I hope that this form of theatre continues to prosper because it really does take incredibly talent and drive to create these ideas on the stage, especially (like mentioned above) with how popular Sci-Fi has been and continues to be on the screen.

    Second, I am fascinated by the idea that this kind of theatre can show different ideas of utopias and what that means for furthering and creating mass positive feelings towards some stances that may be currently contested, i.e. feminism, religious tolerance, etc. I also think it would be really interesting to see this genre to explore dystopias to show the negative effects of the ideas mentioned earlier. I feel like there is a lot of room for this genre to stay separated or become incredibly political.