• bud278

    Just a fact about Southern Comfort – it’s been in development for almost 10 years now, and was not commissioned by the Public. It came with a director, creators, designers and actors already onboard. And although it’s great the Public opened up the show for recasting of some of the characters, I dare anyone who saw the show to state that Annette O’Toole wasn’t brilliant in her role. If you’re going to say that only trans people can play trans roles, but not the reverse, that only cis people can play cis roles, or straight play straight, etc. then you have to call it for what it is, which is affirmative action, not art. Acting is crafting a role no matter what your true identity is. I firmly agree that actors in the trans community need to be recognized and treated as any other actor, but I don’t think that any group has an exclusive right to tell a story.

  • Puma_01

    Back in 2010, Cornerstone Theater Company in LA had a very successful (and moving) run of an original show called “Making Paradise: The West Hollywood Musical!” that included the transgender community both in its development and cast. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/culturemonster/2010/10/theater-review-making-paradise-the-west-hollywood-musical-at-fiesta-hall.html