• Erik

    This was a great panel discussion and well moderated. My favorite moment was the way the participants handled the super misguided and ignorant contributions by an elderly white choreographer who was invited to speak (I guess) because of his recent experience re-working a racist song in a new production of South Pacific. There was an awkward pall over the audience while he confidently explained that what he did was CERTAINLY and DEFINITELY not racist and that a few of his students (“who were asian, both from here asian and from asia-asians”) told him that they did not think it was racist. No one at the forum felt the need to point out to him that asking his students if they think he is a racist is problematic in the first place or that it is a deeply ineffective indicator of whether or not his work manages to avoid reproducing historically violent and painful depictions of other people. In general, Solidarity! was the theme and repeated reply to any potentially violent or offensive contributions from members of the public in attendance. The collective focus and desire to have dialogue was not disturbed or thrown aside in favor of reactionary responses. An awesome and inspiring way to create public discussion around sensitive material.