• Richard63104

    Mr. Boehm is one of the most highly respected producer/directors in St. Louis. In the last decade, Upstream Theatre has been named the best, or one of the best companies in a very competitive town, by local newspapers and local award panels made up of our most knowledgable critics.

    I deeply regret that the fresh voices and unique artistic visions he is delivering to audiences in St. Louis are not being heard elsewhere in the US.

    Richard Green
    St. Louis, MO

  • Mat Petersen

    In my opinion this is a very important topic that needs to be discussed more thoroughly and more loudly in the theatre community. Art should be inclusive and bring people from different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs together.

    I understand certain theatres have to be more careful and conscious about what they produce but rejecting a play just because it is a translation makes no sense to me. There are hundreds if not thousands of famous works of art that come from translated sources and ignoring those artists of the world creates a barrier where one should be broken down.

    Hopefully as time progresses we will see more and more inclusive works rather than blocking what could be something great.