• johnsmart

    i am a dyed in the wool Hillary man. Loath Trump. truly. Madly. Deeply… loath him. But i must say – unless i missed something – it is interesting that exactly zero conservative theater practitioners were sought out for these articles. Zero. All playwrights and artistic directors… essentially no one else was asked. THAT might be the problem right there…. just saying. So much dribble and misuse and overuse and mindless use of the word “community” and apparently no one working in all of American Theater supported Trump? Ya’ll do not know your own neighbors and co-workers and yet we hear endless nonsense about “community” etc etc…. Lot of unconscious privilege in these pieces.

  • David X Novak

    It’s time for theater to step back.

    Theater is a genial pastime for civil society. Civil society has been voted out.