• Will_I_Tell

    So you and your friends have decided that you are the arbiters of what is hate speech and have formed a group to publicly defame people. I’m sorry, but who elected you? How do you define hate speech? How *can* you define hate speech? What if you’re wrong? What if I find you guilty of hate speech? Since you can, so can I. Do you not see what is about to happen? There is a reason hate speech is legal.

    Are you an artist? How can an artist be against any form of speech? Or are you primarily an activist?

    You are essentially seizing power that NO ONE should have. I cannot believe an artist would do this. You are going to scare the truth out of other artists and critics and you have NO RIGHT TO DO THIS. You have no authority. You should be ignored.

    A playwright who is pro-censorship. Ghastly. It would never occur to me in a million years to publicly accuse people of thought crime. These people didn’t do anything wrong.

    This will not help anyone. All this will do is destroy people.

  • Pete McCutchen

    Many calls for an “honest conversation” seem to be more like “shut up while I talk.” This seems to be the case here.

    • Regina

      For the most part, that might be true. Hard to have a conversation with one side has been monopolizing the conversation for two hundred+ years…

      • Will_I_Tell

        I’m not two hundred+ years old. May I be part of the conversation? Or will I be told to only listen because of the color of my skin?

        These ideas are reversing 70 years of progress.

  • Flora

    Thank you.

  • Karen Kessler

    Thank you for this.

  • Heron Deleon

    This play revitalized me. I cried in my car afterwards. The dialogue machine gunned out the N word sending a black couple out the door and making a few others uncomfortable. They kept on and found new metaphors for gentrification, on the line between poetic and literal, making you question the myths of the day. I belive that on some level those against this play are subconsciously in line with Giuliani, the whole black on black violence argument. True, the play does not go there. It focuses more on the police and those who own it all !? Those who want ownership of the N word back. Those who want submission back. They do not understand that a black boy killing another black boy is not the same. Cause and effect are muddled in their brains. That a cop pulling a gun and shoving it your face, or shooting you is far worst than Paco or Tyron shooting you. It sets a precedent, a tone, a narrative of fear and rage. And within.. the boys who are taught that rage..with the foundation of fear, have few resources to escape…I thought I was the toughest guy in the world the first time a cop put a gun in my face, It was the only thing I could do to not piss myslef…

  • Katherine Kitty Drexel

    Thank you for writing this article.