• dave2400

    I guess I didn’t realize this was a political magazine. This is a pretty hateful, and even racist diatribe on its own.

    • trialondude

      Didn’t realize a theater magazine is political? Wow, you really are an idiot, aren’t you?

  • Commissioners

    I’ve edited my comment to drill down into this article and look for answers.

    I have some questions.

    A) You want to circumvent the gatekeepers. Who are these gatekeepers? Specifically, which artistic directors, which theatres, which administrators are the problem? I see this sentiment expressed everywhere these days, but nobody says who these people are.

    Who are the gatekeepers?

    B) You say theatre is too white. Who are the white people who need to go? Specifically. Which white artists and audience members are the problem?

    Which white people need to go?

    C) You want more black people in positions of power. Which black people? Who are these black people?

    D) You want to overthrow capitalism…and replace it with what?

    E) Who makes all of these decisions? Do you? On what authority? Who elected you?

    I’d like some specific details about your revolution. I’d like to know if you are speaking about specific people or if we’re all part of various collectives in your utopian plan.

    Everyone namedrops Orwell these days, citing 1984. The pertinent novel is actually Animal Farm.