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Daveed Diggs (center) as Thomas Jefferson in "Hamilton." (Photo by Joan Marcus)
Daveed Diggs (center) as Thomas Jefferson in "Hamilton." (Photo by Joan Marcus)

Standing Up for Playwrights and Against ‘Colorblind’ Casting

In light of recent controversies over plays by Katori Hall and Lloyd Suh, it’s clear that theatre needs a color-conscious casting approach.

Last November, we witnessed two  troubling examples of university productions disrespecting a playwright’s intent in regard to casting. Clarion University in Pennsylvania had to cancel their production of Lloyd Suh’s Jesus in India after neglecting to inform the playwright that they had cast white students in roles written for South Asian actors. This news came on the heels of Katori Hall’s eloquent objection to a production at Kent State of The Mountaintop that featured a white actor playing Martin Luther King Jr. Diep Tran’s article on (“On the Rights of Playwrights and White Tears”) provides further context to events that have ignited both productive debate and reprehensible personal attacks.

While aspects of these issues are complex, there are a few core principles worthy of unambiguous defense. The first principle is the creative control of the playwright over critical aspects of their work. We stand in solidarity with the Dramatists Guild’s letter in defense of playwrights’ right to approve changes made to their text, which includes but is not limited to changes made to the characters’ race and ethnicity.

The second principle is the importance of ending the harmful practice of white actors playing characters of color—what is often called brownface, yellowface, redface, or blackface. While theatre has always been a place for transformation, we must also acknowledge the past oppressions and ongoing inequities facing people of color, including an uneven playing field where the vast majority of opportunities, onstage and off, are held by whites. In addition, appropriating the identities of communities of color has historically reinforced racial stereotypes and subjugation. For example, some of the most abhorrent, racist policies of our country—the Jim Crow laws—were named for “Jump Jim Crow,” a theatrical caricature of blacks performed by a white actor in blackface. This context helps illuminate not only the protests surrounding productions like The Mikado and Cry, Trojans! but also the celebration of the racially diverse Founding Fathers of Hamilton.

What’s required now is a color-conscious, not colorblind, casting approach. Color-conscious casting intentionally considers the race and ethnicity of actors and the characters they play in order to oppose racism, honor and respect cultures, foster stronger productions, and contribute to a more equitable world. Without it, we risk perpetuating a system that privileges whiteness with greater access and opportunity, and appropriates the cultures of communities of color.

Yes, this can be a complex and nuanced discussion. Yes, we enter into those discussions with different perspectives and familiarity with the issues. Yes, the missions of educational institutions are different from those of professional theatres. It is critical, however, that we don’t let those differences and complexities keep us from acknowledging the systemic racism that afflicts our country, nor our power as storytellers and community builders to end it.

The third principle is that no individual, regardless of their stance on these issues, deserves to be singled out for harassment and threats. Unfortunately, we’re seeing an increase in aggressively hostile rhetoric directed toward people of color who take a stand on these issues. There is a place for respectful disagreement and thoughtful debate—we need more conversation that leads to action, not less. But when debate is replaced by a parade of online insults from strangers, it’s clear we’ve crossed the line from debate to hate—and our community should not be willing to tolerate these deliberate attempts to silence and threaten artists of color. We oppose all attempts to silence and diminish these artists who have bravely taken a stand for equity and the rights of playwrights. We stand with Lloyd, Katori, and all advocates for racial justice.

We had originally hoped to secure 100 signatures to include in the Jan. ’16 print issue of American Theatre, but when we received more than 1,300 by press time, we decided to publish all the names in the online version of the letter. Those signatures—which include artistic directors, managing directors, artists, educators, trustees, and students from across the country—are below, in order of submission.

Ann-Carol Pence, Co-Founder / Associate Producer, Aurora Theatre
Jeremy B. Cohen, Producing Artistic Director, The Playwrights’ Center
Christopher Hibma, Producing Director, Sundance Institute Theatre Program
Sam Osheroff, Artistic Director, Riverside Theatre
Barbara Brooks, Producing Artistic Director, Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company
Hans H Gruenert, Managing Director, off the WALL productions
Amanda Delheimer Dimond, Artistic Director, 2nd Story
Jonathan McCrory, Director Of Theatre Arts, National Black Theatre
Kristin Marting, Artistic Director, HERE
Barry Edelstein, Artistic Director, The Old Globe
Jennifer Green, Artistic Director, Piven Theatre Workshop
Anthony Rodriguez, Producing Artistic Director, Aurora Theatre, Inc
D. Lynn Meyers, Producing Artistic Director, Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati
Sean Daniels, Artistic Director, Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Nancy Simon, Professor Emerita, Whitman College
J. Nicole Brooks, Actor Writer Director, Lookingglass Theatre Company
Jim Kleinmann, Artistic Director, PlayGround
Robert Hupp, Producing Artistic Director, Arkansas Repertory Theatre
Amanda White Thietje, Managing Director, Mixed Blood Theatre
Timothy Evans, Executive Director, Northlight Theatre
Hal Cropp, Executive Director, Commonweal Theatre Company
Cynthia Fuhrman, Chief Operating Officer, Portland Center Stage
Bernadine Griffin, Managing Director, 5th Avenue Theatre
Adrian Budhu
William S. Yellow Robe, Jr., Playwright, Actor, Director, Independent artist
Qui Nguyen, Playwright
Michael Barker, Managing Director, Marin Theatre Company
Ellen Richard
Shawn LaCount, Artistic Director, Company One Theatre
Greg Copeland, Board Member, Ojai Playwrights Conference
Steve Stettler, Producing Artistic Director, Weston Playhouse Theatre Company
Liz Carlson, Artistic Director, Naked Angels
Kelly Miller, Director of Developmemt, New Neighborhood
Hannah Fenlon, Program Associate, artEquity
Wendy Gillespie, President & CEO, Starhawk Productions
Tiffany Wilhelm, Deputy Director, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
Kim Allen Bent, Artistic Director, Lost Nation Theater
Michael Fields, Producing Artistic Director, Dell’Arte International
Kendra Ross, Cultural Worker,
Steve Martin, Managing Director, Childsplay
Jeremy Paul, Artistic Director, Theater Ninjas
Andrew Hamingson, Executive Director, St. Ann’s Warehouse
Meghan Pressman, Managing Director, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
Justin Anderson , Associate Artistic Director, Aurora Theatre, Inc.
Teresa Coleman Wash, Executive Artistic Director, TeCo Theatrical Productions, Inc.
James C. Nicola, Artistic Director, New York Theatre Workshop
Sam Laffey, Design and New Media Manager, Pittsburgh Glass Center
Victor Maog, Artistic Director, Second Generation Production (2g)
Kristoffer Diaz
Geoffrey Sherman, Producing Artistic Director, Alabama Shakespeare Festival
Timothy J. Shields, Managing Director, McCarter Theatre Center
Nelson T. Eusebio III, Director,
Joel Sass, Freelance Director,
Cristina Alicea, Artistic Director, Vermont Stage
Ellicia Elliott, Artistic Director, The Rude Mechanicals
Megan Sandberg-Zakian, Director in Residence, Merrimack Repertory Theatre
Sophia Hall Cripe, President , South Coast Repertory
Jason Nodler, Artistic Director, The Catastrophic Theatre
Vincent J. Cardinal, Artistic Director, Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Rachel Grossman, Ring Leader, dog & pony dc
Sheldon Epps, Artistic Director, Pasadena Playhouse
Mark Plesent, Producing Artistic Director, Working Theater
Julie Friedman, Managing Director, Dobama Theatre
Rebeca Udden, Executive Artistic Director, Main Street Theater
Molly Smith, Artistic Director, Arena Stage
Ariana Cook, Managing Director, Cara Mía Theatre Co.
Meghan Beals, Artistic Director, Chicago Dramatists
Randy Reinholz , Founding Artistic Director , Native Voices at The Autry
Jean Bruce Scott, Producing Executive Directot, Native Voices at the Autry
Keri Kellerman, Managing Director, Playwrights’ Center
Gretchen E. Butler, Managing Director, Serenbe Playhouse
Lisa McNulty, Producing Artistsc Director, Women’s Project Theater
Nathan Motta, Artistic Director, Dobama Theatre
Evan Linder, Co-Artistic Director, The New Colony
Claudia de Vasco, Founder, Shock Pulse
Sara Marsh, Artistic Director, Dark & Stormy Productions
Sean Graney, Artistic Director, The Hypocrites
Tami Dixon, Producing Artistic Director, Bricolage Production Company
Stacia Rice, Artistic Director, Torch Theater
Edgar Dobie, Executive Producer, Arena Stage
Tiffany Cothran, Managing Director, Crowded Fire Theater Company
Deborah Stein
Rosalba Rolon, Artistic Director, Pregones + Puerto Rican Traveling Theater
Stephen Nunley, Managing Director, Kitchen Theatre Company Inc.
DJ Kurs, Artistic Director, Deaf West Theatre
Sigrid Sutter
Erin Quill, Actor/Writer, Fairy Princess Diaries
Mrinalini Kamath, playwright,
Chil Kong, Co-Artistic Director, Lodestone Theatre Ensemble
Frances Hill, Artistic Director , Urban Stages
Seema Sueko, Associate Artistic Director, The Pasadena Playhouse
Tom Quaintance, Artistic Director, Cape Fear Regional Theatre
Karen Carpenter, Artistic Director, William Inge Center for the Arts
Don Nguyen, Playwright,
Jennifer Thorn, Associate Artistic Director, MOXIE Theatre
Emalie Mayo
Lydia G. Garcia, Resident Dramaturg, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Jackie Baker, General Manager, Bricolage Production Company
Mia Rosenfeld
William Kiley, Jackalope Theatre
Reginald L. Douglas, Artistic Producer, City Theatre
Meredith Anne Patt, Audience Services Manager, East West Players
Sharon Fogarty, Co-Artistic Director, Mabou Mines
Ginny Bartolone
Ben Bartolone
Jeffrey Carpenter, Artistic Director, Bricolage
Delicia Turner Sonnenberg, Executive Artistic Director, MOXIE Theatre
Hugo Medrano, Producing Artistic Director, GALA Hispanic Theatre
Monika Ramnath, Development Manager, East West Players
JuCoby Johnson
Matthew J. Pugliese, Managing Director, Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Patrick Mulcahy, Producing Artistic Director, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
Ping Chong, Artistic Director, Ping Chong & Company
Jasson Minadakis, Artistic Director, Marin Theatre Company
Lily Shaw, Program Manager, Twin Cities Diversity in Practice
Dean R. Gladden, Managing Director, Alley Theatre
Jacqueline Lawton, Dramaturg , PlayMakers Repertory Company
Max LeventhalWoodruff Arts Center-Alliance Theatre
Tlaloc Rivas, Assistant Professor of Theatre, The University of Iowa
Eileen Rivera
Megan Monaghan Rivas, Associate Professor of Dramaturgy, School of Drama, Carnegie Mellon University
Guillermo Rodriguez
Tiffany R. Vega, General Manager, Hi-ARTS
Michelle Ang
Michael John Garcés, Artistic Director, Cornerstone Theater Company
Susan Albert Loewenberg , Producing Director, LA Theatre Works
Brad Rothbart, Freelance Dramaturg and Theorist,
Clark A. CruikshankStudio 57
Bruce Allardice, Managing Director, Ping Chong + Company
Adil Mansoor, Founding Member, Hatch Arts Collective
Emma Meyerson
Philip C. Sneed, Executive Director, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities
Priscila Garcia-Jacquier
Ashley MacBoston Children’s Chorus
Al Heartley
Lila Karoline Xu
Caitlin Roper
Marcel L. Walker
Janet Stanford, Artistic Director, Imagination Stage
Rob Lutfy, Associate Artistic Director, Cygnet Theatre
Linda Kanyarusoke
Libby Peterson, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, Yale Repertory Theatre
Sarah Benson, Artistic Director, Soho Rep
Emily Anne Gibson
Connor Rohr Driscoll
Carlyle Brown, Playwright, Carlyle Brown & Company
Jay Owen Eisenberg
Loretta Greco, Artistic Director, Magic Theatre
Paul Daigneault, Artistic Director, SpeakEasy Stage Company
Sharon Friedenbach Morris
Zev Valancy, Literary Manager, Stage Left Theatre
Sharon Graci, Artistic Director, PURE Theatre
Roger W. Tang, Editor, Asian American Theatre Revue
Adam J. Frank, MFA Candidate, Theater Management, Yale School of Drama
Ann Harada
Joseph Haj, Artistic Director, Guthrie
Peter Joseph Smith, Company Dramaturg , Mad Cat Theatre Company
Nick O’Leary
David Cote, Theater editor, Time Out New York
Joel Richardson
Caroline V. McGraw, Playwright,
Tiffany AntoneLittle Black Dress INK
Suzanne M. Cohen, Managing Artistic Director, Mirror Stage
Ellen Abram, Manager of Institutional Giving, Magic Theatre
Martha Wade Steketee, freelance dramaturg, critic, and editor,
Sooyoung Hwang
Marjorie Chan, Artistic Director, Cahoots Theatre
Sid Solomon, Actor, Teaching Artist, and Actors’ Equity National Councilor,
Rachel Chavkin, Artistic Director, the TEAM
Laurie Stone
Nella Vera, Theater marketer
Jon Steinhagen, Resident Playwright, Chicago Dramatists
Wendy Rosenfield, Theater Critic
David Copelin
Tracy Liz Miller, Co-Founding Producing Artistic Director, The Bridge Initiative: Women in Arizona Theatre
Raúl Castillo, Actor/Writer, LAByrinth Theater Company
Anne G. Morgan, Literary Manager, Eugene O’Neill Theater Center
Leslie Noble
Julia Frieri Cassisi
Matt M. Morrow, Executive Artistic Director, Diversionary Theatre
Indu Iyer
Francesca McKenzieCripple Creek Theatre
Emika Abe
Mallery Avidon, Playwright
Charlene V. Smith, Artistic Director, Brave Spirits Theatre
Nicholas Hanson, Associate Professor and Chair, University of Lethbridge
Patricia Garza, Artistic Development Program Manager, Center Theatre Group
Michaela Johnson
Cavan Hallman
Herman Daniel Farrell III, Playwright,
Angela Jo Strohm
Marsha Harmann/a
Thomas McKechnie
Hannah Gomez, Actor
Kelli Crump, Patron Services Manager, Magic Theatre
Ronald J. Zank, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Culver-Stockton College
Chelsea Whitaker
Saymoukda Vongsay, Playwright, Asian American Studies, UMN
Gregg Henry, Artistic Director, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival
Cassandra M. Murray, Middle School Theatre Teacher
SK Kerastas, Visiting Artistic Associate, Berkeley Repertory Theatre / TCG
Lydia R. Diamond, Playwright
Rebecca Novick, Associate Artistic Director, California Shakespeare Theater
Keith Hight, Co
Desdemona Chiang, Director
Shawn C Harris, Founder, Crossroads Theatre Project
Jennifer Marshall, Producing Artistic Director, The Edge Theatre Company
keith hight, Coordinator for the Theatre / Dance , College of Southern Maryland
Brian Clowdus , Founder & Executive/Artistic Director, Serenbe Playhouse
Amanda Friou, Director
Linda EssigArizona State University
Meredith Groves
A. Rey Pamatmat, Playwright
Shelby Reilly
Courtney Sale, Associate Artistic Director, Indiana Repertory Theatre
Eric Ting, Artistic Director, California Shakespeare Theater
Dominic D’Andrea, Producing Artistic Director, The One-Minute Play Festival
Cassandra Tse, Artistic Director, Red Scare Collective
Rebecca Calkin
Yi Zhao
Dan Bacalzo
Courtney Meaker, Playwright
C. Richard Costes
Dr. Ann Haugo, Associate Professor, School of Theatre and Dance, Illinois State University
Cate Brewer
Isaac Ho
Andy Lowe, Production Manager, East West Players
Bi Jean Ngo, Founding Member, Theatre Artist, Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists
Jenna Horton
Janet Allen, Executive Artistic Director, Indiana RepertoryTheatre
Angela Lin
Eloisa Cardona, Actor
Karen Hartman, Senior Artist in Residence, University of Washington
Joseph Steven Yang, Executive Director, StoryTown Studios
Zakiyyah Alexander, Playwright
Kurt Blaugher, Director of Theatre, Mount St. Mary’s University
Sophia Skiles, Theater Actor and Adjunct Faculty, Theater and Performance, SUNY Purchase
Sara Chambers, Artistic Director, Broken Spectacle Productions
Richard Chan
Kwame Kwei-Armah, Artistic Director, Center Stage
Jennifer Lim, Actress
Sharr White
Seth Tankus, Playwright, Riot Productions
Chay Yew, Artistic Director, Victory Gardens Theater
Rajesh Bose, Actor
Freddie Ashley, Artistic Director, Actor’s Express
Mark Jackson, Theatre Maker
Jeff Aguiar, Strategic Communications Director, UNCG School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Morgan Jenness, This Distracted Globe Consultancy
Nandita Shenoy
Jon Patrick Selover, Artistic Director, The Western Stage
Benjamin S McCormack, Technical Director, CMU, Student
Justin Maxwell, Assistant Professor, The University of New Orleans
Michael Golamco
Sonja Parks, Actor/Activist
Melissa Hill Grande
Jamie Feinberg, Artistic Director, Not Your Mom’s Musical Theater
Quentin Talley, Artistic Director, OnQ Performing Arts
C.Denise Johnson
Abe Rybeck, Executive Artistic Director, The Theater Offensive
Philip Dawkins, Ensemble Playwright, Victory Gardens Theatre
Beto O’Byrne, Co-Founder, Radical Evolution
Christianne Myers
Eston Fung
Scott Ripley, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut
Mariana Carreño King, Playwright, Director
Evan Brechtel
Patricia Milton, Playwright
Aracely Reyes
Eric Pfeffinger, Playwright
Jessica Blank & Erik Jensen, Playwrights, Directors & Actors,
Ariel Estrada, Founder/Board Secretary, Leviathan Lab
Madeline Sayet
Sue Birch, Artistic Director, Theatre Britain
Zachary Booth
Rebecca J Ennals, Artistic Director, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
Jonathan Castanien, Stage Manager, Artists at Play
Nicholas Pilapil, Producer, Artists at Play
Tony Adams, Artistic Director, Halcyon Theatre
Rafael Antonio Renderos
Bree Bridger
Jeremy Pickard, Artistic Director, Superhero Clubhouse
Doug WrightPlaywright
Mina Morita, Artistic Director, Crowded Fire Theater Company
Greg Watanabe, actor, 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
Fin Coe, Associate Artistic Director, Halcyon Theatre
Kimber Lee, Playwright
Matt Super
Kana Hatakeyama
Jenn Adams, Director of Community Engagement, Halcyon Theatre
Elyse A. Griffin
Claudia Alick, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Hoon Lee
Sam Hurwitt
Kathleen Culebro, Founding Artistic Director, Amphibian Stage Productions
Tayyba Maya Kanwal, Managing Director, Next Iteration Theater Company
Bex Ehrmann
Rachel Fink
Michael Cursio
Donald Kolakowski, Freelance Director
Edith Freni, Playwright
Larry Powell, Playwright/Actor
Heather Alicia Simms
Jenny Koons
Van Quattro, 1954
Jefferson A. Russell, Actor, GALVANIZE, a network for artists of color
Chip Decker, Artistic Director, Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte
alton alburo
Joy Meads, Literary Manager/Artistic Engagement Strategist, Center Theatre Group
Ann Filmer, Artistic Director, 16th Street Theater
Ashley Smiley
Rajiv Joseph, Playwright
Chris Woodworth, Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Ryan Meisheid, Associate Managing Director, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Malkia Stampley, Producing Artistic Director, Bronzeville Arts Ensemble
Joshua Ryan Taylor
Jeff Turner, Professor of Theatre Arts, Hamline University
Kate Sutton-Johnson, Set Designer
Andrew Hinderaker, Playwright, Ensemble Member, The Gift Theatre
Jonathan Spector, Artistic Director, Just Theater
Daniel Elihu Kramer, Producing Artistic Director, Chester Theatre Company
Lee Trull, Director of New Play Development, Dallas Theater Center
Ann Michels
Lisa Chan-Brown, Producer, HBO
Eileen J. Morris, Artistic Director, The Ensemble Theatre—Houston, TX
Richard Soto
Trevor Boffone, University of Houston
Sarah Howe Coleman
Meg Lowey, Program Assistant, Theater for Young Audiences, The Kennedy Center
Kenny Allen, Managing Director, Evolve Theatre
James Dean Palmer, Director
Margaret Toomey
Richard Azurdia, Actor/Producer
Christina Gorman
Jennifer Ryen, Director of Individual Giving , Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Seayoung Yim
Dianne K. Webb, Artistic Director, Next Iteration Theatr Co.
Geetha Reddy, Playwright
Aaron Snook
Bobby labartino
Stephen Karam
Ellen Fairey, Playwright
Tammy Ryan
Zac Moon
Jacob Juntunen, Head of Playwriting MFA & PhD Programs, SIU (Southern Illinois University)
Steve Serpas, Playwright
Nicholas C. Pappas, Playwright
Shaun Bennet FauntleroyChudeau Productions
Evi Stamatiou
Mikie Mayo, Co-founder, Kid Haus/IGJP
JaBen Early
Valerie Weak, Actor
Jessica L Speck, Teacher, Maryland Public School
Brad Akin, Literary Manager, Steep Theatre
Elaine Avila, Playwright, Playwrights Theatre Centre, Theatre Without Borders
Laura Eason, Playwright
Brian Otaño, Playwright
Ken Narasaki, Writer
Jeremy Hersh
Amber Kessler Freer
Peter Armado
Julia Cho, Producing Artistic Leader, Artists at Play
AJ Epstein, Artistic Director, West of Lenin
Meghan McGrath
Jennifer Maisel, Playwright
Chiara Klein, Yale School of Drama
Carla Pantoja, Actor/Fight Director
Aoife Spillane-Hinks, Co-Artistic Director , Then This Theatre
Sammie Choy, Director
Ken Narasaki, Actor/Writer/Story Analyst
Chil Kong
Jenny Crissey, Teatr Brama
Scott Ryan Fuss
Lia Kozatch
Brendon Fox, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Washington College
Jackie Sibblies Drury
Diana Burbano, Playwright
Damian Lamar Lockhart
Shannon Matesky
Kathy Zhu, Duke Asian American Theater
David White, Playwriting Professor, Towson University
Richelle Harrington Calin, Stage Manager
Thomas Bigley, Associate Artistic Director, The Porters of Hellsgate Theatre Company
Jeanette Farr, Playwright
David Shih
Harold Steward, Artistic director, Fahari Arts Institute
Suzy Fay, Artistic Associate, Dramaturgy, Lark Play Development Center
Marc Masterson, Artistic Director, South Coast Repertory
Walls Trimble, Acting Apprentice, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Bridget Kelso Anthony
Martín Zimmerman, Playwright
Stephen Park, Actor
Cristine Figueiredo
Dax Valdes
Kari Bentley-Quinn, Co-founder/Playwright, Mission to (dit)Mars
Ricardo Vila-Roger, Teaching Artist, University of Pittsburgh
Trent Blanton, Associate Professor of Theatre, Rider University
Hannah Wolf
Melissa Gawlowski
Danny Bernardo
Dana Leigh Lyman
Melanie Keller
Meghan E. Healey, Chair of the Department of Drama, Theater, and Dance, Queens College CUNY
Charlotte Canning , Frank C. Erwin Jr Centennial Professor of Drama, University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance
Matt McGeachy, Company Dramaturge, Factory Theatre, Toronto, Canada
A.J. Allegra, Artistic Director, The NOLA Project
James McNeel
Irma Mayorga
Lucy Carr, Casting Director, Oak Park Festival Theatre
Jocelyn Prince, Site Coordinator—Almira School, Cleveland Play House
Chalia La Tour, Yale School of Drama—MFA student
Mark Routhier, Director
John Rooney, Assistant Director of the Apprentice/Intern Company, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Melinna Bobadilla, Actor, Educator
Sarah Aziz
Cin Martinez
Barbara Tanzillo, Tanzillo & Son LLC
Steven Wilson, Artistic Council/Casting Director, The Hypocrites
Melinna Bobadilla, Actor, Educator
Eric Colleary, Harry Ransom Center, Curator of Theatre & Performing Arts
Ralph Remington
Brendan Dalton
Janet L. Preus, Co-founder and Board Member, New Musical Theatre Exchange
Lisa A. Wilde, Dramaturg, Rep Stage
Julie Felise Dubiner, Associate Director: American Revolutions, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Ashley Birt
Kelley Ristow, Co-Founder, The Back Room Shakespare Project
Samuel LindenYale
Samuel Linden, MFA Student, Yale School of Drama
Ariel Sibert, M.F.A. Candidate, Department of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Yale School of Drama
Danielle Ozymandias, Artistic Director, Broads’ Word Theatre
Callie Kimball
Kurt Beattie, Artistic Director, ACT Theatre/Seattle
Marisa Levy, Stage Manager
Mitra I. Arthur
Corrine YapSarah Lawrence College
Dipika Guha
David A. VanCleave , Artistic Director , Des Moines Young Artists’ Theatre
Alexandria Chappell
Christie Craft
Antoinette Crowe
Godfrey L Simmons Jr, Artistic Director, Civic Ensemble
Julian Elijah Martinez
Leonard Thomas
Glenna Brucken
Anita Gonzalez, Professor of Theatre and Drama, University of Michigan
Lavina Jadhwani, Director
Michelle Feda, Graduate Student, Illinois State University
Marisela Treviño Orta, Playwright
Marie-Reine Velez, Producing Artistic Leader, Artists at Play
Gugun Deep Singh, Performer & Producer
Jason Najjoum, Yale School of Drama
Leora Morris, Directing Student, Yale School of Drama
Rebekah Heusel, Stage Management MFA Candidate, Yale School of Drama
Paula Tomei, Managing Director, South Coast Repertory
Yvette Z Vandermolen, Teaching Artist
Kim Jordan, Writer/Actor/Co-founder, The Intersections Project
James Wygle, Fordham Theatre
Michelle Bombe, Director of Theatre, Hope College
Alison Christy, Dramaturg
Jeanette Harrison, Executive Director, AlterTheater Ensemble
Rikki Jo Hickey
Marshall Jones, III, Producing Artistic Director, Crossroads Theatre Company
Paul Juhn
Jason B. McIntosh
Carrie Klewin, Artistic Director, 3rd Space Theatre Collective
Esther Kim Lee, Professor, University of Maryland
Amelia Cheever, Costume Designer/Professor of Theater
Betsy Anne Huggins, Education Manager, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Velina Brown
Elizabeth Ung
Christine Toy Johnson
Toby Schine, Executive Director & Producer, Boston Children’s Theatre
Bobby Foley
Maizy Perdue
Sarah B. Mantell, Playwright, Student, Yale School of Drama
Ed Decker, Founder & Artistic Director, New Conservatory Theatre Center
Pink Pasdar
Dámaso Rodriguez, Artistic Director, Artists Repertory Theatre
Annie MiddletonYale School of Drama
Michael Gene Sullivan, Actor/Writer/Director
Demosthenes Chrysan, Actor
Jenny Connell Davis, Playwright
Katherine Kavanagh , Professor and Theatre Program Director, BMCC/CUNY
Calvin MacLean, Producing Artistic Director, The Clarence Brown Theatre
Shelby North, Yale School of Drama
Charles T Parrott, Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University
Michael Whatley, Assistant Production Manager, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Angela Farr Schiller, Professor, Kennesaw State University
Elizabeth Carter, Actor
Courtney Jamison
Lawrence Schober
Deanna L. Zibello, Assistant Professor, Saint Mary’s College of CA
Laura Axelrod
Dylan McCullough
Rusty Thelin, Co-Artistic Director, Real/Time Interventions
Stephanie Machado, Yale School of Drama
Jeff Sachs, MFA Student, Arizona State University Theatre for Youth
Elizabeth Mak
Stacey Cabaj, Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
Abigail DiGeorge
Shawn Northrip, Theater Teacher, George Mason High School
Charlie Jake Sanchez, Marketing Director, Urban Theatre Movement
Chad Kinsman, MFA Candidate, Yale School of Drama
Alirio Zavarce, Artistic Director, AJZ productions
DeAnna Supplee
Alexandra Meda, Artistic Director, Teatro Luna
Jessica HurleyApplied Mechanics
Marilyn Tokuda, Arts Education Director, East West Players
Christion Tyler Edwards, Theatre Student
Jen Waldman, Artistic Director, Hangar Theatre
Giselle G. Garcia
Aubrey Malito
Katherine Kovner, Artistic Director , The Playwrights Realm
Genne Murphy, MFA Playwriting, ’18, Yale School of Drama
Cheryl Anderson
Joe Carlson , Educational Programs Manager , AEA and Synetic Theater
Jennifer Uphoff Gray, Artistic Director, Forward Theater Company
Anika Harden, Actor
Emily Nola Kelly
Wendy Ouellette, Stage Manager
JT Friedman, Art Student, Fordham University
Samantha Rosentrater
Amanda Salazar
Agustin Contreras Jr
Topher Cusumano, Founder, Gnome Haus Media, LLC
Andra Ward Jr., GTA, West Virginia University
Chris A. Eng, Doctoral Candidate in English, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Amie Brockway, Producing Artistic Director, The Open Eye Theater
John Byron Brooks, Mr.,
Dominique Serrand, ArtDir., The Moving Company
Jamie Legaspi
John L. Teopaco
Cole Wimpee, Artistic Director, Aztec Economy / Brooklyn NY
Tiana Bias
Erin B Mee, Artistic Director/Assistant Professor, This Is Not A Theatre Company/NYU Dramatic Literature
Olivia George
Kristen Froebel
Jessica Johns Hayes
Jenna Bosco, Actor
Amanda Damron, Actor
Meagan Dilworth, Actress
Jaclyn Perlmutter, Playwright
Tamara Carroll, student, University of Texas at Austin
Rachel Dickstein , Artistic Director, Ripe Time
J.L. Reed, Actor/Teaching Artist,
Tori Sampson, Playwright, YSD playwright
Kristin Idaszak, Playwright
Mara Isaacs, Executive Producer/Founder, Octopus Theatricals
Sarah-Jayne Ashenhurst
Bert van Aalsburg
Tamara Fisch, Freelance Director
Theresa Squire, Costume Designer
katie pearl, co-Artistic Director, PearlDamour
Molly McMahon, Artistic Director, BoxFest Detroit
Myha’la Herrold
Emily DeTar
Melissa Hart, Actor/Singer/Teacher
Rebecca Miller
Suzanne Delle, Assistant Professor of Theatre, York College of Pennsylvania
Naomi Iizuka
Phill Giggey, Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor, Signature Theatre Arlington, VA
Ismail Mahomed, Artistic Director, National Arts Festival (South Africa)
Bill Rauch, Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Lisa Biggs, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Amelia Windom, Apprentice, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Stephen Brackett
Addison Williams, Apprentice, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Lynn Lammers, Artistic Director, Kickshaw Theatre
Jonathan Shandell, Associate Professor of Theater Arts, Arcadia University
Ryan Oliveti, Artistic Associate, Serenbe Playhouse
Lauren Woehrer
Mia Joshi
Ashley Alexandra Johnson Kennesaw State University
Jacqueline Goldfinger
Maura Dunnigan
Kim Miyori
Genesis Oliver
Mike Floyd, Costume Designer
Trevor Biship, Director
Lucas Nguyen
Marielle Young
Ella Turenne, Artist, Activist
Jennifer Cendaña Armas
Kenneth Lin
James Still
Brandon Dressen
Robert Kerr
Nathan LampNorthwestern University
Rachael Hayes
Debargo Sanyal, Actor
Krista Fogle
Ashley M Oliver
Leah Franqui
Anne Mulgrave, Manager of Grants and Accessibility, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council
Christine Mok, Assistant Professor of Drama and Performance, University of Cincinnati
Larry Davis, Performance Company Lead, Kaiser Permenente Educational Theatre
Stefanie LauArtists at Play
Elin Rose Hill, Co-founder, Catalyst Arts Atlanta
Emily Cordes
Yvonne Joyner Levette, Board Member, 651 Arts
Emily Cordes
Lily Junker
Laura Shamas
Donatella Galella, Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside
Debbie Chinn
Veronika Duerr, Co-Founder, The Weird Sisters Theatre Project
Josh Ginsburg
Ibi Owolabi
Tiffany Trent
A.P. Andrews, Playwright
Sarah Duncan
Casey Wortmann
Ed Cook III, Scenic Carpenter, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Godfrey L Simmons Jr, Artistic Director, Civic Ensemble
Daniel M. Mayeda, Co-Chair, Asian Pacific American Media Coalition
Dominique Morisseau, Playwright,
Daniel Abse
Mahogany L Bronwne
Soren Gillaspy
Jessica Stepka
Victoria Evans Erville , Artistic Director , Women’s Will theater
Armando Molina, Artristic Director, Company of Angels Theater
Jeff Kirkman III, Theatre Artist
Jeff Stolzer
jana k napoli, president, AEFoundation
Nicole C. Limon
William (Bill) Earl Ray, Director/Actor,
Zoe Hurwitz, Yale drama
Pamala Mijatov, Artistic Director, Annex Theatre
Kikora Franklin, Associate Professor of Theatre/Dance,
Alison Nicole VasquezSan Antonio College
Dawn Monique Williams, Director,
Lily KeltingFreie, Universität, Berlin
Goldie Patrick, Founder/Executive Director, FRESHH INC THEATRE COMPANY
Salome C. Egas, Production Manager, Ballet Nacional Integrado del Ecuador
Gene Alexander Peters, A.B.D., President & Founder, SANKOFA EXHIBIT CONSULTANTS
Benja Kay Thomas, Actress
Trevor Scott Floyd
Czerton Lim, Assistant Professor of Scenic Design, SUNY Fredonia Theatre and Dance
Portia Kamons, Producer/Director of Development, En Garde Arts
Jenna Vershen
Kilusan Bautista, Performing Artist, UNiVERSALself
Tracy H. Evans
Wyckham Avery, dog & pony dc
Shay Wafer, Executive Director, 651 ARTS
Megan Wildebour
Tanya Dean
Dina Janis, Artistic Director, Dorset Theatre Festival
Brent Englar
Christiana Molldrem Harkulich
Claire WillettPlaywrights West
Bertie Ferdman, Assistant Professor, BMCC
Jackson Gay
chandra thomas, actor | writer | producer,
Laurie Woolery, Associate Director of Public Works, The Public Theater
Stephani Etheridge Woodson, Associate Director , School of Film, Dance and Theatre, ASU
Katy Savard
Flordelino Lagundino, Artistic Director, Leviathan Lab, Generator Theater Company
Rachel Abrams
Isaiah Wooden
Patrick Mullins, Artistic Director, Virginia Stage Company
Joan Channick, Associate Dean, Yale School of Drama
Michelle Lopez-Rios, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Jake Ryan Lozano, Yale School of Drama
Baize Buzan, MFA Acting Candidate, Yale School of Drama
Andrea Lepcio
Rosalind Faires
Nicole Shero, Co-Founder and Producing Director, Hatch Arts Collective
Jason A Fleece
Jen Plants, Carl Djerassi Playwriting Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Megan Chang
Gerard Stropnicky
Bilal Dardai, Ensemble Member, The Neo-Futurists
Amy Stoller, Dialect Designer, Stoller System, LLC
Emily Mann, Artistic Director and Resident Playwright, McCarter Theatre
Allison Jaye, Performer, Instructor, PDNYC, NYFA
A. Nia Austin-EdwardsPURPOSE Productions
Ethan Lipton, Playwright,
David Samuel
Tijuana Ricks, Actor
John ThornberryTheatre on the Bay, UW-Marinette
Chris Herbie HollandArtists 4 Change NYC
Lauren M Gunderson
Angela Dumlao
Ryan Duncan
Brandon Carter
Tyler Reilly
Alyssa K. Howard, Stage Manager
Arti Ishak, Social Media Manager, Something Marvelous Festival
Patrice Foster
Jireh Breon Holder, Yale School of Drama
Travis Ballenger, Artistic Associate , Dallas Theater Center
SteVon Edwards, MPH
Michael Halberstam, Artistic Director, Writers Theatre
Michele Shay, Director, Acting Instructor, New Studio, NYU Tisch Drama
Peggy R Samuels
Miriam A. Monasch
Meghan Dixon
Sam Wals Fine
Lia Chang, Actor/Producer, Bev’s Girl Films
Rachael C. Smith
Marina McClure, Director,
Penelope Lowder, Arts Instructor,
Nayasia Coleman, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
Priscilla Lindsay, Chair, Theatre & Drama, U. of Michigan
Gary Anderson , Artistic Director, Plowshares Theatre Co
Tamara Lynne, Creative Director, Living Stages Theater
Tori Keenan-Zelt, Playwright,
Steve Burch, Professor, University of Alabama
Daryn Robinson, Business and Theatre Student, Loyola University Chicago
Jon Fraser, Professor of Theatre, Long Island Univ./Post campus
Audra Yokley
Kate Mulley, President, Vox Theater
Sara Jean Accuardi, Playwright
Peter J Roth, Head of R&D, The Manhattan Project – Cleveland Lab
Ralph B. Pena, Artistic Director, Ma-Yi Theater Company
Aimé Donna Kelly, Actor
Edward Mawere, Actor, Paonessa Talent Agency
Erma Duricko, Artistic Director, Blue Roses Productions
Daniel Fredrick, Actor
Jacob Kim
Karl Iglesias , Associate Artist, The Bronzeville Arts Ensemble
Miranda Cornell, Artistic Director, Semicolon Theatre Company
Cheryle Clarke
Conrad A. Panganiban, Playwright, Bindlestiff Studio
Jeremy Gable, Playwright
Ilana M Brownstein, Director of New Work, Company One Theatre
Anna Grace Carter
Kate Zavin
Carol SpringHalfMad Theatre
H. Elizabeth Mitjans
Maureen Sebastian
Neil James Reda, Technical Director, Davidson College
Cynthia Fleming, Executive Artistic Director, Salt Lake Acting Company
Susan Kattwinkel, Associate Professor, College of Charleston
Angela K. Ahlgren
Kristine M. Reyes, Playwright, 2014-15 Dramatists Guild Fellow
David Lozano, Executive Artistic Director, Cara Mia Theatre Co.
Tari Stratton
Mary B. Robinson
Radha Blank, Writer
Jessi Walters, Actor, Bag&Baggage
Courtney Harge, Artistic Director, Colloquy Collective
Carmelita Becnel, Production Stage Manager, Princeton University
Jyana S. Browne
Samantha Cooper, Playwright/Actor/Theatre Maker,
David B. Byrd, Managing Director, Clarence Brown Theatre
Paul R. Tetreault, Director, Ford’s Theatre Society
Sandy Harned
Angel Luis Rivera, Chief Diversity Officer, CUNY/Kingsborough
Ron Himes, Producing Director, The Black Rep
Tabitha Allen
Emma Goidel, Playwright, Orbiter 3
Sturgis Warner
Clinton C. Lowe, Actor, Artists 4 Change
Kate Bussert, Artistic Director, Chiasmus Productions
Hailey Bachrach
Jill Wurzburg
Keiko Green, Artist & Community Liaison, RED STAGE
Jordan Whittington
Jennifer Decker, Artistic Director, Mildred’s Umbrella theater
Chema Pineda-Fernández, Associate Artist, Teatro de la Séptima Generación / Seventh Generation Theatre
Seth Bauer
Aimee Decker
Krystal Wilson, Actress,
Corinne Hayoun
Jennifer L. Nelson, Resident Director, Mosaic Theater Company
Jon Jon Johnson
Michael Gene Jacobs
Emily Schwend, Playwright,
Morgan Zipf-Meister
Tara Bowler, Stage Manager
Rob Buscher, Festival Director, Philadelphia Asian American Film & Filmmakers
Isabella Sazak
Kevin Hourigan, MFA Candidate, Yale School of Drama
Mhegan Lee, Actor
Lauren Dubowski
Alison Roberts
Caitlin Fisher-Draeger, Co-Artistic Director, Anon It Moves
Pearl Paramadilok
Kelvin Dinkins Jr., General Manager
Lisa Hori-GarciaSFMT
Dan Wolf, Artistic Director, Felonious
Matt KahlerThe Hypocrites
Lisa Rothe, Director,
Kimberlin Briana Torain, Student, North Carolina State University
Alex Lubischer
Claudine Cheatem, Company Manager, Pyramid Theater Company
James Bundy, Artistic Director, Yale Repertory Theatre
Carolyn BuckBuck Consulting
Joanie Schultz, director, Ms.
Laura Esping
Peter J. Kuo, Founder, Artists at Play
Nicole Virginia Accuardi da Vinci Arts Middle School
Susie Falk, Managing Director, California Shakespeare Theater
Shelley Butler, Freelance director
Kathy Janich, Dramaturg
Scott Marden, Director
Montserrat Mendez, Writer/Producer, MozzleStead
Karena Fiorenza Ingersoll, General Manager, UNIVERSES
Anthony Methvin, Artistic Associate, Diversionary Theatre
Margaret Dunn, Dramaturg,
Rodney Garza
Jessica Ford, Costume Designer
Deborah Girdwood, Director of Access and Inclusion, Children’s Theatre Company
Junelle Johannah Taguas, Collective Member, San Francisco Mime Troupe
Paul A. Slee, Executive Director, Ensemble Studio Theatre
Mary Kathryn Nagle, Executive Director, Yale Indigenous Performing Arts Program
Janet Brown, President & CEO, Grantmakers in the Arts
Heather M Kitchen
Tyler Rivenbark, Playwright and Adjunct
Sheila Tapia, Actor AEA, SAG-AFTRA
Amy Mueller, Artistic Director, Playwrights Foundation
Carlton Turner
David Muse, Artistic Director, Studio Theatre
Stephanie N. Morales
Naveen Bahar Choudhury, Playwright
Mark Lamos, Artistic Director, Westport Playhouse
Rebecca Martinez, Director / Theatremaker
Ashley Chang, MFA Candidate, Yale School of Drama
Mac Rogers
Michael Robertson, Managing Director, The Lark
Dustin H. Chinn
Lou Moreno, Artistic Director, INTAR Theatre
Jennifer A. Kokai, Assistant Professor of Theatre , Weber State University
Mark David Kaplan
Krystel Gapasin, East West Players
Elisabeth Karlin
Rob Urbinati, Director of New Play Development, Queens Theatre
Albert Cowart, Playwright, Robey Theater
Gil Cates, Jr., Executive Director, Geffen Playhouse
Ajene D. Washington, Workshop Coordinator, New Federal Theatre
Gail Lopes, Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Caitlin Nolan
Tom Ross, Artistic Director, Aurora Theatre Company
Victoria Nolan, Managing Director, Yale Repertory Theatre
Amy Mihyang Ginther, Assistant Professor, University of California Santa Cruz
vickie washington, Founding Director, rtw~reading the writers
Pauletta Oliver
Linda Ames Key, Drama Teacher, Fordham HS for the Arts
Jerome Davis, Artistic Director, Burning Coal Theatre Company
Melanie White
Deena Selenow, Director,
Alex Mallory
Nathan Jeffrey, Director of Education and Outreach, Taproot Theatre Company
Laraine George
Noel Raymond, Co-Artistic Director, Pillsbury House Theatre
Deven Hartley, TV/Film/Theatrical Agent, BMG
Faye M. Price , Co-Artistic Director, Pillsbury House Theatre
Daniel Gary Busby, Department Chair/Artistic Director, UC Irvine Department of Drama
Lawrence Colin Hancock, Georgia Southern University
Cynthia Huffman, Immediate Past President, Board of Trustees, Intiman Theatre
Leslie Ishii, Diversity Liaison, East West Players
Amy Smith, Co-Director, Headlong Dance Theater
Nicole Gladwin, Stage Manager
DeJuan Mason
Baylie Heims
Dacyl Acevedo, Actor/Writer/Solo Performer,
Katie Watkins, Performer/Deviser, KatieWatkinsPDX
Hannah Sachs, Smith College
Daniel Carlyon
Jami O’Brien
Kathleen Cromie
Wallace Sterling, Professor Emeritus, University of Akron
Maia McCarthy
Ithica Tell
Adriana Baer, Artistic Director, Profile Theatre
Kate McCreary
Alanna E.M. Gordon Taproot Theatre Company
Samuel Taylor
Damon Gupton
Anu Yadav, Actress/Playwright,
Snehal Desai, Associate Artistic Director, East West Players
Meaghan Boeing, Breaking Bard
Chris Myers
Daniel Hanchett
Courtney Kessler Jeffrey
Margarett Perry, Director
Sandra de Helen
Ruthie Pincus, Executive Director, Stage the Change, Theatre as a Social Voice
Kelly O’Rourke Tallman
Anna Troiano, Marketing Associate , Theatre Communications Group
Kevin Bitterman, Associate Director, Artistic and International Programs, Theatre Communications Group
Eleanor Savage
Kyoung H. Park, Artistic Director, Kyoung’s Pacific Beat
Elizabeth Herron, Stage Director
stephen richard, Managing Director, Center Stage
Jenni Werner, Literary Director/Resident Dramaturg, Geva Theatre Center
Lisa L. Abbott
Tim Jennings , Executive Director, Shaw Festival
Lanna Joffrey
Kate Langsdorf, Writer
J Lanceta
Lindsay Barenz
Young Jean Lee, Artistic Director, Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company
Clint Ramos, Set and Costume Designer
Emilya Cachapero, Director of Artistic and International Programs, TCG
Phil Chan , Cultural Curator, IVY
Chi-wang Yang, Director,
Mike Lew and Rehana Lew Mirza, Playwrights
Jennifer Dorr White
Sha’Na Lynnette Smith
Farah Bala, Actor | Producer | Educator
Fabian Obispo , Composer/Sound Designer
Peter Kim, Associate Producer, NAATCO (National Asian American Theatre Company)
Jessica D. Lee
David Henry Hwang, Playwright
Rick Shiomi, Playwright/Director
Sarita Ocón, Actor; Founding Core Member of BALTAN, Bay Area Latino Theatre Artists Network
Georgette Kelly, Playwright
Raelle Myrick-Hodges, Curator of Performing Arts, Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans
J Hernandez
James T Armitage
Heather Cohn
Darl Andrew Packard, Executive Director, Killing My Lobster
Jeremy S. Bloom, Sound designer
John Lopes
Howard Sherman, Director, Arts Integrity Initiative, New School College of Performing Arts
Clarence Coo, Playwright
Nicole Jost, Playwright
Amy Hill, Theater Artist
Timothy Douglas
Lisa Ramirez, Playwright/Actor, Ubuntu Theater
Aya Ogawa, Playwright/Director
Margo HallCampo Santo
Oscar Arguello, Playwright, Robey Theatre company
Lisa Lacy, Executive Director, Images Theatre Company
Julie Kramer
Mohammad Aghebati, Theater Director, DayOne Ensamble
Ching Valdes-AranActor/Director
Caron Atlas, Director, Arts & Democracy
Jane Jung, Managing Director, The Civilians
Porsche McGovern, Lighting Designer
Joan Osato, Producing Director, Youth Speaks/The Living Word Project
Luis Alfaro, Resident Playwright, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Jill Cornell
Linda Chapman, Associate Artistic Director, New York Theatre Workshop
Cori Thomas, Playwright
Ena Dallas, Theatre director, OakTech Rep
Dawn L Troupe, Actor/Director/Artist, AEA
May Adrales, Theater Director
Jiehae Park, Playwright
Damon Chua, Playwright
Sam Chanse
Frank Honts
kb saine, President, Black Theatre Network
Asian American Performers Action Coalition,, AAPAC
Pun Bandhu, Actor
Alleluia Panis, Director, KulArts
Diana Son
Mei Ann Teo, Asst. Professor of Theatre, Hampshire College
Susan Soon He Stanton
Rotimi Agbabiaka, Collective Member, San Francisco Mime Troupe
Vivienne Benesch, Producing Artistic Director, PlayMakers Repertory Company
Victor Spielberg Verdejo
Emily C. Ioppolo
Trevor Latez Hayes
John N. Nishio, Ph.D., CEO, Founder, Sol Dance Technologies LLC
Denise M. Chapman
Karen Tsen Lee, Actress
Leigh Wolf
David Pearlstein, Director, Theater Arts Education Alliance
Billicia Charnelle Hines
Jamie Ruml
Isaac Gomez, Literary Manager, Victory Gardens Theater
Amara J Aja, MFA Candidate, The Old Globe/University of San Diego Graduate Theatre Program
Naomi Iizuka
Luis Miguel Valdez, Founding Artistic Director, El Teatro Campesino
Herbert Siguenza, Culture Clash
Chisom Awachie, Cornell University ’17
Tamara Alvarado, Executive Director , School of Arts and Culture at MHP
Dena Martinez, Actress,
Anna M. J. Holloway, Dramaturg, Actress,
Ron P. Muriera, Performing Artist,
Kathryn Lagana
Somar Lanh, Student,
Lucinda Serrano
La Shy Girl
Aleshea Harris
Sharon Lockwood, Actor
Alisha Tonsic, Executive Director, Network of Ensemble Theaters
Richard Bradford
Pamela Wu Kochiyama , Board Member, Asian Pacifix Islander cultural center
Kristen Sakura Ferris
Katie Craddock
Jennifer Chang, Chalk Repertory Theatre
Shannon Lee DunbarUniversity of Oregon
KenYatta Rogers, Professor/Artist, Montgomery College
Sarah Griffin, Mrs,
Dave Steakley, Producing Artistic Director, ZACH Theatre
Buffy Sedlachek
Ike Holter, Resident Writer Ensemble, Victory Gardens Theater
Manna-Symone Middlebrooks
Steve Elm, Director
Kashi Johnson, Associate Professor, Lehigh University
Rebecca Ende, Managing Director, Theater J
Dianne Green, Owner, Culture Transforms Community Enterprises
Laura Schellhardt
Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, Associate Director, Arts and Media, Hemispheric Institute
Mary Sprague, SAG•AFTRA
Mónica Sánchez
Nadine Franklin, Director of Theatre, Kishwaukee College
Wendy C. Goldberg, Artistic Director, National Playwrights Conference, Eugene O’Neill Theater Center
Susan Booth, Artistic Director, Alliance Theatre
Carol Van Keuren, Director of Advertising, Theatre Communications Group
Stephani Fried
Catherine Carr Kelly, Executive Director, Central Square Theater
Roberto Bedoya
Lee Mikeska Gardner, Artistic Director, Central Square Theater & The Nora Theatre Company
Michael Royce, Executive Director, NYFA
Catherine Yu
Dr. Keith Byron Kirk, Head of MA Theatre Studies, University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance
Jane Preston, Deputy Director, New England Foundation for the Arts
Sung Rno, Playwright,
Cherie Patterson
Joseph Meyers, Owner, 3828 Productions
Rachel Hockett, Artistic Director, Homecoming Players
Christopher Oscar Pena, Playwright
Peter Allen, Managing Director, Teatro Visión
Jeff Chang, Executive Director, Institute for Diversity in the Arts at Stanford University
Eve Ayanna Bell
Anne Collins, Lobby Manager, Artist, Masquers Playhouse, Pt. Richmond, CA
Rachel Simon
Carolyn Sloan
Andrea Louie, Executive Director, Asian American Arts Alliance
MJ Kaufman
Schuyler Atkins
Maurine Knightonplease see Next Steps box
Peter Corless, Founder,
Stuart Zagnit
Teresa Bayer, Development & Marketing Associate, Ma-Yi Theater Company
Fran Flaherty
Moira Brennan, Program Director, MAP Fund
Scott Shattuck
Nicole O. Leonard
Chloe Brown, Membership & Marketing Associate, TCG
Joette MarksRobey Theatre Company
Diane Paulus, Terrie and Bradley Bloom Artistic Director, American Repertory Theater
Leah Nanako Winkler, Playwright
Mary C. Huntington, Founding Artistic Director, The Nora Theatre Company,
Alexis FraszHelicon Collaborative
Holly SidfordHelicon Collaborative
Jessica Lewis, Artistic and International Programs Associate, TCG
Justin Laing
Marya Mazor, Director
Beth Ann Hopkins, Artistic Director, Smith Street Stage
Marloes Colen
E. Quita Sullivan, Program Manager, National Theater Project, New England Foundation for the Arts
Kimberly Senior
Courtney Guthrie, Mx.
Nora Chau, Playwright
Jeanne Sakata
Shaminda Amarakoon, Associate Production Manager,
Cristina Montero
Helen Schultz
Justice Galvan
Michi Barall
Jordan Puckett , Associate Artistic Director , San Francisco Playhouse
Timothy Reynolds
Christina Liang, MFA Student, American Conservatory Theater
Jeanne Sakata
Catherine Castellani
Angel Desai
Morgan A M McFarland
Randall Nakano, Actor,
Christopher Mannelli, Managing Director, Victory Gardens Theater
Dom Magwili
Claire Graham
DeLisa M. White, Director,
Sophie Hassett
Chip Keyes, WGA
Jackie Kamm
Athena Hughes
Zakeya Monique, Playwright
Kala W
Jamie Nathan
Tsaitami Duchicela, Co-Founder, Seventh Generation Theatre
Martha Garvey
Nicky Paraiso, Director of Programming, The Club/Dance Curator, La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival, La MaMa Experimental Theatre
Sara Lampert Hoover, Director/Choreographer
Simonton Williams
Aley Villarreal
Andrea Thome, Playwright,
June Mesina Ouellette
Jenny Lyn Bader, Artistic Producer, Theatre 167
LaNisa Frederick, Actor/ Artist
Dinorah Carrion
Kelvin Han Yee, Actor
Christine Bacareza Balance, Associate Professor, UC Irvine
Roxanne Berardinelli
Robyn Flatt, Executive Artistic Director, Dallas Children’s Theater
Courtney Flores, Costume Designer,
Jessica Hagedorn
Mashuq Deen, New Dramatists Company Member
Ellen Taraskiewicz
Elizabeth K. Auman, Managing Director, TimeLine Theatre Company
Pharah Jean-Philippe, Modern-Day Griot Theatre Company
Jennifer Alice Acker, Director of Education, Serenbe Playhouse
Pharah Jean-Philippe, Founder/Artistic Director, Modern-Day Griot Theatre Company
Manda Neill
Richard Seyd, Director, Seydways Acting Studios
Nicholas Metcalfe
Jane Newbold
Regina M. Morones, Resident Artist, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
Rachel Lee, Co-director, LOUD: New Orleans Queer Youth Theater
Prudhvila Mulakala
David Schmitz, Managing Director, Steppenwolf Theatre Company
Anna Shapiro, Artistic Director, Steppenwolf Theatre Company
Susan Spain, Actress, AEA and SAG/AFTRA member
Francine Thomas Reynolds , Artistic Director, New Stage Theatre
Les Waters, Artistic Director, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Justin Jain
Grace Smith
Kamilah Forbes, Producing Artistic Director, Hi Arts
Umit Celebi
Helen Shin
KT Vigt, Actir, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Winter Miller, Playwright,
Diana Wyenn, Director & Choreographer,
Andrew Rincón
Patricia Hinkle
Cantara Christopher, Playwright
Liz Duffy Adams, Playwright
David Lindsay-Abaire
Sal Little
Caitlin Monroe
Lindsay C. Terrell, Associate Executive Director, Piedmont Council for the Arts
Sharifa Johka, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Robert Falls, Artistic Director, Goodman Theatre
Roche Shulfer, Executive Director, Goodman Theatre
Katie Wegmann
Deirdre O’Connor, Playwright,
Saviana Stanescu, Playwright,
Angeles Gottheil, Board Member, Killing My Lobster
Marilet Martinez
Will Dao
Mary Fulham, Managing Director, La MaMa
Samantha Hansel
Alyssa Rosales
Steve Harper, Playwright, Actor, Producer,
Claro de los Reyes, Freelance Theatre Artist
Tania Christopher
Catherine Castellanos, Actor, California Shakespeare Theatre/OSF/A.C.T
Leilani Chan, Artistic Director, TeAda Productions
S. Barton-Farcas, Artistic Director, Nicu’s Spoon Theater
Victoria Andújar
Tabitha Mitchell
LeVanna Atkinson-Williams, Actor/Writer/Stage Manager
Grace MacFarlane
Hugo E Carbajal, Actor/Director
Amin El Gamal
Carol Becker, Director
Charlotte Scott-Frater
Laura Brueckner, Resident Artist, Crowded Fire Theater
Kieran Kredell, Education Associate, About Face Theatre
Damone Williams
Mickey Hubbell, Board Member, Killing My Lobster
Lori Baird, Producer + Host, Talk Therapy: True Stories about Mental Health Performed Live
Beth Osborne, Associate Professor
Alicia Kwok
Isa Epstein
Kaitlin C.
Nicole Miller
Phoenix Quinn
Melanie Uhlir
Nancy Gregory
Sarah Tillery
Samantha Levine
Christopher Perry, President, Animaine Inc.
Elias Brodsky
Artisia Green, Associate Professor, College of William and Mary
Joanna Cazden, MFA, MS-CCC, voice & speech therapist for the arts,
Tommy Coleman
Judith Andrew, Ithaca Shakespeare Company
Alexa Appel
Kate Alexander, Associate Director, Florida Studio Theatre
Brian Flanagan
Donzell Lewis
Tatyana Beck
Holly L. Derr, Artist-in-Residence, Skidmore College
Cusi C Cram, Playwight,
Kyle Haden, Artistic Director, Ashland New Plays Festival
Tirzah Tyler, Director of Production and Facilities, California Shakespeare Theater
C Denby Swanson
Melvign Badiola, Youth Program Manager, Brava! For Women in the Arts
Katie Hayward
Rob Thomas, Managing Director, 16th Street Theater
Johnna Clark
Audrey Wang
Jack Nicolaus, Senior Teaching Artist, Berkeley Rep School of Theater
Gayle Romasanta
Keith Obadike, Artist, Obadike Studio
Dina Hayes
Elena Muslar, Program Assistant, Skirball Cultural Center
M. Drue Williams
Kaypri, Producer, Priscilla Belle Productions
Kirsten Greenidge, Playwright,
Ashantii Dunlop
Jonathan Carr
Amina S. McIntyre, Karibu Performing Arts/Songs of Karibu
Heather Lynn MacDonald
Sheryl Paulson-Price
Olivia Lindberg
Robert Hoyt, Director of Professional Development , The New School for Drama
Timothy Braun, Writer
Sherri Marina, Actress
Jade Wu
George Sapio, Host/producer, Onstage/Offstage (podcast)
John Castillo, Photographer
Robert A. McAlpin
Carla Corona
Lauren Yee
David A. Miller, Assistant Professor, Performance , Bloomsburg University
Catherine Porter, Co-Artistic Director, Peculiar Works Project
Natasha Han-Negrete
Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx, Founding Artistic Director, Arts Bottega
Heather Cant
Jennifer Leigh Warren
Brian Olsen
Nicholas Chamberlain
Randy Gener, 14-year Senior Editor of American Theatre magazine / TCG, In the Culture of One World
Gina Pisasale, Resident Dramaturg, People’s Light
Kaytlin McIntyre, Casting Director , Seattle Repertory Theatre
Deepa Purohit, Writer/Actor
David Jenkins
Erica Olson
Adam Immerwahr, Artistic Director, Theater J
Jennifer Ann Goff
Janee Ronca
Natalie persons
Erika Yanin
Barry Rowell, Co-founder/Co-Artistic Director, Peculiar Works Project
Leah Steiner, Co-Artistic Director, Arts Bottega
Marysa Yvonne Angelli
Luci Murphy, member, Artists Against Apartheid
Jeannette Franco, Actor/Health Educator,
T. Tara Turk
Ricky Pak, Producing Artistic Director, Circle Squared Collective
Brittany Bradford , Student, Juilliard
Jennifer Bielstein, Managing Director, Actors Theatre of Louisville
Ashley Qian
F. Omar Telan
Carla Ching, Playwright
Whitney Hall
Adrian Galley
Mia Self
Elena Meyer
Patrick Jackson
Hannah Siegel
Mfoniso Udofia, Playwright,
Luke Austen-Smith
Liz Morgan
Beth NixonRamshackle Enterprises
Maurice Decaul, Playwright, Brown University
David Adjmi, Mellon Foundation Playwright in Residence, Soho Rep
Lara Kim
Erik Ehn, Director, Writing for Performance, Brown University
Judith Nihei, LMFT
Debi Durst
Kevin Sifuentes, Native Voices Ensemble
Jason Loewith, Artistic Director, Olney Theatre Center
Carolina Hoyos, Stage and Film Actress, Native Voices
Olivia Espinosa, Native Voices
Jason Grasl, Native Voices at the Autry
Christopher Salazar
Elizabeth Nearing
Roberta Uno, Arts in a Changing America, Director
Jason Heil, Freelance Actor and Director
Shaun Taylor-Corbett
Dr. Monica White Ndounou, Associate Professor, Tufts University
Sheri Foster Blake, Actor, Native Voices at the Autry
Jamil Mangan, Founder, Casting Actors of Color
Bea KiyoharaNW Asian American Theatre
Carissa Cordes
Catherine Clemo
Kristin Horton, Associate Professor of Practice, NYU Gallatin
Miranda Rose Hall, Playwright
DeLanna Studi
Carla-Rae, Professional Actor, SAG/AFTRA AEA
Aaron Carter
Sheena Weeks, Actor
Kathryn Anne RichNative Voices Theatre ensemble
Judilee Reed, Director, Surdna Foundation
Anna Kull, Director of Community Relationships, The Lark
Brianna Lodwick
Haley Lavris
Maria D.
Renita James
Valeria Negron
Natasha Townsel Jenkins
Rachel Honeyball
Jordan Cline
Steve Woolf, Artistic Director, Repertory Theatre of St Louis
Ravin Patterson, Actor/Playwright
Bianca Bagatourian, President , Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance
Jane Cochard
Michele Weathers, Interim Managing Director, PlayMakers Repertory Company
Juli Hendren, Artistic Director, Tricklock Company
Julie M Morris, National Council,
Maurer Porter, Third Rail Repertory Theatre
Mike Ferrell, General Manager , Magic Theatre
Megan Wanlass, Managing Director, Cornerstone Theater Company
Michael Robins, Executive Producing Director, Illusion Theater
Kevin Moore, President & Artistic Director, The Human Race Theatre Company
Brian Kite, Chair, UCLA Department of Theater
Randy Reyes, Artistic Director, Mu Performing Arts
Jake Taylor
Rick Dildine, Artistic Director, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis
Bob Jaffe, Actor
Haley Ellis
Monique Gaffney, Actor
Louise Fong
Kedrin Adler
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Julia Durrant
John Clinton Eisner, Artistic Director, The Lark
Joyce Friedmann, TCG
Devon Berkshire, Associate Director of Conferences, Theatre Communications Group
Alejandra Cisneros
Maria Ku
A. Nora Long, Associate Artistic Director, The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
William Carden, Artistic Director, Ensemble Stusio Theatre
Matt Chapuran, Managing Director, Lyric Stage Company of Boston
Tom Arvetis, Producing Artistic Director, Adventure Stage Chicago at the Northwestern University Settlement House
Donna Villella, Advertising Associate, TCG
Jayne Wenger, Director/Dramaturg,
Madeleine Rylie Carr
N. K. Jemisin
Elly Conley
Larissa FastHorse, Playwright & Choreographer
Michelle Hensley, Artistic Director, Ten Thousand Things Theater Company
Christopher Acebo, Associate Artistic Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Diane Rodriguez, Associate Artistic Director , Center Theatre Group
Harold Wolpert, Managing Director, Roundabout Theatre Company
Kevin Moriarty , Artistic Director, Dallas Theater Center
Meiyin Wang, Director, Devised Theater Initiative, The Public Theater
Nikkole Salter, Actor, Dramatist, Educator, Activist
Francine Reynolds, Artistic Director, New Stage Theatre
Ralph Bryan, Managing Director–Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Jon Moscone, Chief of Civic Engagement, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Blake Robison, Artistic Director, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Kate Lipuma, Executive Director, Writer’s Theatre
Tim Sanford, Artistic Director, Playwrights Horizons
Lynn Nottage, Playwright
Sarah Bellamy, Co-Artistic Director, Penumbra Theatre Company
Josh Dachs, Fisher Dachs Associates
Aimée Hayes, Artistic Director, Southern Rep
Heather Randall, Trustee, New York Theatre Workshop
John Douglas Thompson, Actor
Karen Wickre, TCG Board Member
Tim Jennings , Executive Director, Shaw Festival
Joe Benincasa, President and CEO, The Actors Fund
Mike Rosenberg, Managing Director, La Jolla Playhouse
Christopher Ashley, Artistic Director, La Jolla Playhouse
Chris Jennings, Managing Director, Shakespeare Theatre Company
Diep Tran, Associate Editor, American Theatre
David Lee Painter, University of Idaho, 21st Century National Chairs of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
Rebecca Hilliker, University of Wyoming (ret.), 21st Century National Chairs of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
Harry Parker, Texas Christian University, 21st Century National Chairs of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
Mark Kuntz, Western Washington University, 21st Century National Chairs of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
Catherine Norgren, University at Buffalo (SUNY), 21st Century National Chairs of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival
Jay Edelnant, University of Northern Iowa, 21st Century National Chairs of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival 


  • Cynthia Stillings

    A matter of clarification.
    I do not officially speak for Kent State but I feel obligated to correct some errors of omission in this and the previous article by Diep Tran.

    The production at Kent State was produced by the Department of Pan African Studies.
    The presenting group was the African Community Theatre.
    The director was an African American who is also a playwright.
    The inference by this and Diep Tran’s previous article that the production was a part of a professional theatre training program is in error.
    Civil discourse is always valued and encouraged at Kent State.

  • Stephen Redmon

    Diversity and representation are important, but we have to remember that our job is mostly portraying what we are not (at least the actors jobs). As an actor, I ONLY ever get jobs based on my appearance. I’ve played Sharyar in Arabian Nights (I am not Arabic at all.) a Shark in West Side Story (not Latino either) have been in Show Boat and Ragtime as an African American. I’m actually half African American, but it was not believable. People questioned it and it distracted from the production as a whole. Should I or the director take blame because we did what we had to work with. I’m up for a role right now as a Native American, because as the director simply put it, “We don’t have to paint you.” It is a historical outdoor drama and the role is important to the story. Should they just cut it, because we don’t have a Native American actor (one who actually is and passes) to play the role. NO! We work with what we have. A director can’t just say “Well I can’t do this show because I might not have actors of the right race audition for those roles,” or “Sorry we have to cancel this production of Hairspray. Not enough Black people auditioned.” As for as a writer, I’ve been accused of not having ethnically diverse material, but not one of my works states the race of a character. People only assume. I don’t think the issue is just “whitewashing” ethnic characters. It is an issue of “color swatching” material. Unless it is specifically stated in the script and contract that actors of a certain ethnicity are to be cast in specific roles, then you have to let it be. We can’t be ok with doing an all black version of a traditionally white cast show (ex: Hello Dolly) but not an all white version of another show (ex: The Mikado) The recent controversy over a white actor playing Michael Jackson is a good example. “Why aren’t they casting a black actor?” Would anybody really feel better if a person of color was cast and then painted white to resemble Michael’s appearance? NO! They would cry foul. Hamilton is a wonderful show. However, the persons portrayed were not ethnic people. They were white. Could we not call that misrepresentation? (not that I really would. Hamilton is unique in it’s delivery and the multicultural cast is crucial to it’s presentation and spirit!)

  • Klafuenf

    Casting an Actor

    If roles were cast according to the historical appearance, there would be a large market for unbelievably ugly people—seen from our current point of view. That would show the true diversity of humans. And, hopefully people would talk less about the facial appearance of a human being.

    And, NO. It is no racisim to cast an asian role with an asian (or any other so-looking-intended role with a so-ethnic-appearing actor). It IS the job of casting to provide the fitting appearance in terms of ability and, the looks of the actor. And certainly the actress (you can never be sure enough what mob will pop up next).

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