• M_B_W

    Worked on a production of the show a number of years ago while in college. It’s a great, under appreciated musical.

    It captures a complex story like that of Leo Frank about as well as any musical could….though obviously, like any movie does, it takes a few liberties with the original story in the name of theatricality. Ultimately, the historical Leo Frank case was just as much about media sensationalism, crowd mentality, and a desire to “make someone pay” as it was about anti-semitism (although that was certainly part of it as well). But ultimately, it’s a surprisingly thoughtful and nuanced retelling of a tragic story.

    The Old Red Hills of Home is one of the most incredible opening numbers I’ve ever heard on a musical…it’s majestic and stirring (and surprisingly layered and complex)….it frames the story beautifully while underscoring many of the conflicting social currents at play during the time. The first 15-20 mins of the show are fantastic…and the rest of it is certainly solid too.