• Christen Clifford

    Gorgeously written tribute. May we all pass that fire along.

  • Lydia Stryk

    What a beautiful tribute, Karen. Your description of Judith Malina’s influence on your life/work helps me understand her profound impact on others (and not always directly, as you describe, being a playwright interested in the power of witness rather than participation–or in the other kind of participation implied by witnessing) so much better –and also places you and your work in a new light.

  • Laurence Frommer

    I loved helping Ilion with that fantastic set! I adored it and in many ways it was a vibrant third character in the play as even an unfriendly critic was forced to concede

    I was so privileged to have her Judith as teacher, mentor, friend at a crucial formative stage in my early 20s. Via the Catholic Worker, NYU Drama and then performing with her theater.

    Her enormous impact and inspiration on 20th cen theater and all who she touched cannot be overestimated.

    Farewell to a truly great lady. She will not be forgotten. Her legacy is to great, too far reaching. Far to diligent, persistent, authentic and uncompromising in vision and personal commitment in all the best and honorable ways, both when out of vogue then in vogue then out again. This was of little consequence to her. She did what she believed in as all the best artists do

  • Todd London

    Gorgeous and true. Thank you, Karen, and thank you always and ever, the fire that was Judith Malina.