• Rosemary Banks

    Your story is so obviously a justification of your attempt to be a part of something you can never represent, only exploit, as you seem to be doing quite successfully. Your use of profanity in all the wrong places was painful. However, with your shining white privilege one can appropriate whatever he likes, can’t he? Like, rock, like the blues, like r & b, like hip hop, like jazz, right? Anything your little greedy, controlling, vampire heart desires. Smh.

    • Queen Balqi$

      Agreed & well said!@rosemari_banks:disqus

  • Avalon Morley

    You write “…the idea that a musical rooted in hip-hop sensibility must be a
    founding-father American history story in order to be seen as
    commercially viable on Broadway is completely fucked up.”

    I ask, Who ever said that, or had that idea? This just happens to be the show that Lin-Manuel M. got inspired to write, as he read that biography. God knows, he could have gotten inspired to write plenty of other shows. I don’t think our guy is hurting from lack of ideas or inspiration, do you?