• mizashleyb

    I had the great privilege to do several reading at Dramatists, and though Russ couldn’t have known me well, he always made me feel valued and welcome. And Lydia’s right when she says he left of legacy in the “bones” of the Chicago theatre community of respect for making plays: those few readings at Dramatists taught me so much about the astounding process of what goes into a play before it gets into the actor’s hands. I am sure many, many actors, directors and audience members came away similarly educated. Thank you, Lydia, for this beautiful tribute.

    P.S. “performance of generosity” is a wonderful, sharp bit of wordsmithing.

  • Alisa Stewart

    I worked with Russ in the mid-90s. He was such a sweet guy, even though he smoked like a chimney and lived in a basement. I’ll definitely miss his enthusiasm and willingness to give just about anyone a chance to produce a new work.

  • Mr. Tutterow sounds like he was a wonderful man. I love Ms. Diamond’s line, “What’s the point if we’re not having fun?”