• Mayra Gomez

    Breaking this article apart, one particular point that came up caught my attention and I think is worth discussing. It has to do with the sentence, “Most people don’t choose theatre as their [first choice] entertainment source anymore.” The title of the article was a bit misleading, for I thought I would read more about that particular phrase, so I will just give my input of that notion for the plain sake of it. I actually have no idea how one can revert back to the old days when theatre was modern day’s cinema (assuming some people may want that to happen). However, I do think it has a lot to do with popularity. If a student starts to see more and more Jansport backpacks appear in their days, they may be more likely to join the cool kids. Theatre can be treated the same way. If there is a way to make this happen, we have to think in terms of an audience being to students as theatre is to Jansport backpacks.