• martin woyzeck

    For someone who has always leaned towards being progressive all my life,
    I have to admit I’m really tired of this rhetoric.
    And Dep Tran needs (and others) to learn how to talk to people.
    Do not tell others ‘don’t do this, and don’t,etc.
    You have no right to tell others what they should do,or think, or how a critic should write.
    State your opinion, and make it clear these are just your thoughts/feelings.
    Do not think that every minority critic thinks or believes exactly the same as you do.
    You do not speak for all minorities.
    You do not even speak for Asians, or Vietnamese, you’re speaking for yourself.
    Everyone speaks for themselves.
    Tran is wrong, this is about being PC.
    And I mean PC in a negative way, of something that is good gone too far,
    becoming militant, becoming a cult/brainwashing of telling others how
    they should think.
    I’m over it.