• PhillyInDC

    It’s terrible that sound design has been eliminated. Just like musical direction and conductor from the old days. In the world of musical theatre, the music does not get recognized (outside of orchestrations and score)

  • ren_man

    Saw King & I revival in NYC at Beaumont as part of seminar for teachers.

    During show: Wow — they sure have clear diction and wonderful projection.

    After show Q & A: were you miced? Yes.

    OMG!!!!!!!! It sounded totally natural as if not miced at all.

    Years earlier same for “A Catered Affair”

    And don’t forget Tally’s Folly, show that put sound design to create an immersive soundscape on the map for theatre.

    Yes, it is an art — just like it is in the movies — and should be recognized and rewarded as such.