• Rhea Solanki

    The Laramie Project as a play is currently so important and relevant given the times and things happening around us. Using site-specific theatre with it makes for a very powerful performance. Theatre has always had the power to really connect with an audience because the action is really happening in the same room as them and when you mix that with a play that is relevant to social and political situations that they audience are currently facing, it makes very strong emotional connection with the audience. The using of Ugandan actors and selecting a cloth that was Ugandan and not the white that is usually used helps in making the play more about what they’re are going through. As you said they lost someone in their community in a similar way to Matthew Shepard and for the audience that would another for them to connect with the story. I think Theatre and storytelling in general is a really important tool in getting people to understand other views and experiences and to make them relate to other people. And so using that tool with social consciousness is really important.