• Kahleia Reece

    I absolutely love this article. I feel that theatre is a great tactic to shed light on certain issues, it is live and the audience is there to feel the emotion overflowing throughout the room. A professor of mine once said, “theatre is protesting something”. Something as simple as technology for example, during a performance it is rude to be on the phone so in a way theatre says to stop, focus, and be in the moment. I feel that by playwrights addressing issues that are deep in meaning and talk about the history of mankind is something wonderful. Taking it to the extent of the target audience being young children is amazing, I feel that is protesting silencing our youth.

    I once worked with a playwright who had the same general idea. He didn’t want his play to be something the audience could sit, watch, and wash their hands of it once it was over. He wanted there to be some sort of call to action; for a very relevant issue in our society to be “thrown” at an audience so they can be aware of how real it is. As well as viewing the lives of others that are different from theirs. Even though they are made up characters and stories, there are real people and real stories to be heard and what better way to do that than through theatre?