• And according to Google, theater students are among the most desired job candidates as well. Please share.

  • Barry Stein

    I feel sorry that all of the leaders are “Theatre kids” ; It is not surprising; People working on a stage, playing a role, have much more training than, say, Mathematics students in things like public speaking, or dramaticism.

    What they don’t appear to be doing, is reaching beyond their specific clique of people, and being any more inclusive than any other clique of High School Students. Theatre Kids might understand problem solving, but a mathematics clique could teach them as much about logic, as the theatre kids could teach the math kids about public speaking (after all, the math kids can certainly talk; Their communication skills might be roughly the equal of Theatre kids logic skills).

    If you want to postulate that Theatre/drama is a worthwhile block of knowledge/skills that need to be taught, well, I have no problem there… But please don’t set yourselve(s) up as the greatest area of human development in your school – you are no better than the Mathematics Clique. Or the Mechanics Clique. Or the sports Clique (think about learning commitment, and dedication)… I would be happier if you reached across those boundaries.

    • You make excellent points. Unfortunately theatre (and the arts in general) is the first thing cut when budgets are tight. Is usually funded out of the pockets of supportive teachers and parents. Sports and math do not have to worry about their stature and funding in education whereas it seems that theatre and indeed all arts are always having to justify their existence. Just look at the budget for the national endowment. Pitiful and yet politicians keep wanting to eliminate it. So if we theater folk take a moment to crow about the power of our art and it’s ability to affect history please indulge us. We aren’t trying to take anything away from other disciplines.

    • Eluene

      It’s not about superiority or inferiority. They understand full well the nature of communication is conflicted and they can articulate what others have been unable to do when they’ve been protesting violence and murder in their communities for years, decades. They think and speak on their feet, that’s why they’re there.? They speak for me, particularly not generally. #Nevermore

  • Akiba Mermey

    So inspiring…so timely! The power and depth of authenticity coming from the survivors, speaking truth to power, is a Fountain of Light and Courage that is growing in strength and touching people across the country, and the world, to stand up and take effective actions to transform our toxic culture. Thank you for sharing how Theatre can and is helping to constructively change our world.

  • Standing Ovation for these kids. ???? ???? ????

  • John

    What better evidence we need more art in schools. Art helps promote thought, opinions, problem solving, independence, discussion, and courage.

  • Bravo!

    • Theatre is local democracy at work: you don’t have to be 18 to vote there!

      These kids are true believers; fierce and focused; and right now the world is their stage. The hateful troll quote below will not affect live theatre.

      The great Shakespeare prophesied that the only hope in a turbulent and dark time is our children:

      Oh, wonder!
      How many goodly creatures are there here!
      How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
      That has such people in ’t!

      I for one feel these children have a chance to profoundly change the politics of this wretched time through theatre, as did Shakespeare.

      Bravo, bravo, bravo.

  • Shelley

    I have taught theatre in the public school system for 36 years and this article was brought to my attention by one of my “now all grown up ” students. An empowered gay man who writes for a feminist magazine, he possesses a rapier sharp wit and a gift for language, in many ways, the one-time student who passed this along to me embodies the spirit of the “theatre kid.”
    Never truer words spoken about theatre kids than in this article. Theatre kids are empowered, intelligent, empathetic, diverse, sensitive, accepting, and above all, they are critical thinkers who do not take s**t from anybody.

    • Julie

      Shelley, thank you for all do. I am eternally grateful to my drama teacher. While I may not be an actress like I dreamed, she helped me get over my stage fright. Now I can speak in front of a crowd about things I am passionate about and I teach at the most magical place on earth in addition to my other responsibilities.
      Marth, your crazy if you think that kids that survived a shooting in their school and watch their peers and friends get gunned down, would not want to speak out about it. I live in Florida where seveal tragedies happened due to everyday people having semi automatic weapons. I fear everyday for my son, his classmates and his teachers. It hurts my heart that I have to teach my autistic child (who may not fully understand) if someone shows up at his school with a gun, what to do. These kids that are speaking out are amazing and stronger than they will ever know.