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  • Tombo

    Maybe in TV it’s about creating a salable product, as opposed to theatre where it’s too often about reveling in the power of locking everyone else out of the sandbox.

  • mtgdesigns

    I love this article….and think it applies to other disciplines within the arts. I’m a lighting designer who transitioned from theatre to television nearly 15 years ago and it’s the best thing I’ve done. I still get to scratch that design itch, find my projects, and ultimately, execute designs. Plus, when I do get to jump back and do a theatre show….it’s a genuinely wonderful experience to savor.
    The best and most beautiful part of tv-while the hours are occasionally goofy, almost everyone realizes it’s a job….a wild, strange and kooky thing….but a job and we all have homes and friends and families to get back to.

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