• James Olguin

    A morning that I will never forget. The worst part was that the first article I read was on the tweets from people who were supporting the murderer. Sick to my stomach I had to exit after the first few comments. I am a gay hispanic male that has feared mass shootings since the 6th grade when I was put on a hit list. This is one of those fears that likes to sneak into my mind and cause some severe anxiety and getting older I’ve seen that these are events that are happening more that I thought. I feared going to the club for my first time after this happened. I still have anxiety when I go but I try to not let fear control me. That night when the Tony’s opened with their speech on the events that happened early that morning I honestly broke down. It sucks that we are in a world that has so much hate and that people have become more and more open with their hate. I think it is so crucial in the time we are in to stand up for our peers despite their race, gender, sexuality, religion, because when this kind of terror happens and people praise it, it goes to show the dangerous people in the world. I love that the theatre community has come together to show respect to the ones who were in the shooting. I remember my director telling us that we have to love one another while he fought back tears. The biggest threat on our society to me is the battle of love and hate and it isn’t even a battle because there is only so much that can be done when it comes to the hate that surrounds us. I just remind people that this earth is our home. We need each other to survive and we need each other to influence change. We have come so far but there are still things happening like this that take us back. <3